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15th December 2005, 00:01
details are on the totb site, its something very new for jan 2006.
logistics/availability and cost have limited us to taking just 4 cars over inititially. For 2007 the intention is to take over ten cars from totb events to show a broad spread of the UK's top cars. A full track cct is also planned at the venue apparently for 2007 to allow timed laps on a proper track as opposed to a coned cct as used currently.

drb5=Dave McD
18th December 2005, 17:00
That could well be a very good trip for spectators! :cool:

18th December 2005, 17:43

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18th December 2005, 17:47
From GTR forums....


TOTB Tour – Arabia Modified & Streetcar event hits Umm Al Quain Drag Strip

January 20th 2006 will see the much awaited UK based modified and streetcar event ‘Ten of the Best’ (TOTB) launch its official ‘Arabian Tour’ at Emirates Motorplex in UAE. TOTB is the only street and modified car competition that allows highly tuned and ordinary everyday cars to compete together in extreme conditions, usually only associated within professional motor sport events. With an annual following in UK in excess of 20,000 spectators the TOTB event is THE crowd puller of the season with more press coverage than all other modified car events put together.

The TOTB Tour Arabia 06 under the patronage of HH Sheikh Marwan bin Rashid Al Mualla, kicks off a series of events around the world that will focus its attentions on all things fast and furious, with a whole day of modified mayhem from dusk till dawn. Live Radio broadcast and special guest appearances as well as DJs will make sure the crowds are entertained throughout.

Said Lex Akehurst, of X-Sport Events, If you like your cars powerful and want to drive real fast, this is the event of the year. Its up close and personal, and makes no apologies for being one of the most outrageous and challenging experiences you can witness, if you haven’t seen a TOTB event before, prepare to be educated. All types of cars and drivers will compete together, from high performance extreme machines, to everyday vehicles. This event lets you turn up in your normal everyday car, its open to everyone car clubs and Tuners teams, along with local individual entries. Invited champion cars from past TOTB events in Europe will attend, throwing down the gauntlet to the fastest cars in the Middle East and from around the world.

Competitors will be running in 3 events, the quarter mile strip, handling circuit and a top speed run creating an even balance between big horsepower cars and versatile, well driven vehicles. Cars are usually split into classes to even up the playing field even 4x4s will have their own class. This year will see the new Sound-Off event where cars will compete for the ‘ICE’ trophy and the Show & Shine trophy will be up for grabs as well as the coveted TOTB Arabia class trophy’s and of course the overall Championship.

Said Zlatko Mulabegovic, Top Performance Magazine, when we learned about this event last year we were very excited to support it as an official partner, we believe we have a little something special here in the Middle East when it comes to the pride in our vehicles and we cant wait to show the world our highly developed cars and talent. With so many extreme motor sports events being planned at Emirates Motorplex over the coming years, we think this is the most ideal venue for the event.

Tickets and entries are available from this weekend at F1NetCafe and Emirates Motorplex Dubai, so better get in the front of the queue to reserve that front row seat.


For further press information on this event please contact:-

Lex Akehurst - X-sportevents on;
UK tel: +44(0)208 422 9845 or UAE +9715 08521974
Email: info@x-sportevents.com

Dubai - Sandy Norman at F1Netcafe on +97143451232
Email:- marketing@f1netcafe-dubai.com

Information on Travel and Logistics speak to Simon Hinshelwood at simon@totb.co.uk Or Claire Williams claire.williams@the-organisation.org

quick post as it's late and we only finished sorting some further details tonight, but we are pleased to announce that the four cars we are taking over from the UK to compete in the first ever TOTB Arabia are ;

Tim Webster- R34 NUR
Adrian Smith- Fensport Corrolla
Mick Begley- Jun Lemon
Ron Kidell- RK Tuning R32 GTR Hmmm, I would have thought it better to have invited some of the faster cars ;)


Andy Peanuts
19th December 2005, 08:43
chances of actually seeing the lemon get there and compete?

or has it been sold again ;)

30th December 2005, 23:06
the lemon is being shipped over as we speak!
mick has posted some info on GTR forum recently about it, been remapped and tickled over for the event at Abbey,

31st December 2005, 01:33
Pretty amazing stuff !!! Just hope their cars can cope with the weather over there. I assume it will be quite warm.

31st December 2005, 11:41
It won't be mad hot this time of year, mid 20's from memory...really quite pleasent

31st December 2005, 13:18
Hmmmmmm... I do have a free flight to use up ;)

31st December 2005, 15:46
flights arent bad apparently, returns available from £300 and up!.
might have some news by sunday regarding the date of the event tho, due to some minor issues it may have to slip back a week apparently so we'll confirm that asap.

31st December 2005, 16:43
Any ideas on accomodation costs etc ??

I havent had a holiday for a while...

31st December 2005, 18:24
Flights are better if you work for BA ;)

Apparently Dubai is really nice. Not the ideal place to go if you like a drink though :D

31st December 2005, 18:57
What? Dubai is about the only place you can get an alcoholic beverage in the middle east without being arrested! Oh, and Bharain...forget it in Saudi or Kuwait, they're as dry as a bone...unless you know where to go ;)

Personally speaking no one could afford to pay me enough to go back to Saudi...experiencing their imigration once was quite enough for a life time thank you...I also think the Israeli stamps in my current passport could proove a minor hinderance too :rolleyes:

31st December 2005, 19:26
Originally posted by Slooby:

Personally speaking no one could afford to pay me enough to go back to Saudi...experiencing their imigration once was quite enough for a life time thank you Yea, its the way they look at you with that "we're looking for someone to stick in jail for 5 years for no reason......and it could be you if you make the wrong move"
Bit scary tbh !!

31st December 2005, 19:43
I got some kid on national service who was determined to get me to rise by saying there was something wrong with my visa, had 10 minutes of him talking utter tripe and trying to make up some wild accusations before his supervisor came over smacked him round the back of the head, took my passport off him stamped it and waved me through...then I had the customs check to look forward to...oh joy, where they hauled my boss off for interigation because he had a laptop computer with him! So glad they didn't look at my copy of Performance Car with all those 0898 ads in the back :eek: the chap who looked at my stuff waved me through because he'd had his fun ripping up and throwing all the contents of a couple of Indian imigrant worker's cardboard box luggage over the floor then tasting each food parcel they had brought with them spitting each mouthful back into the bags...such a nice chap :rolleyes:

Never EVER again...

31st December 2005, 19:46
Trying to explain in a humerous way that thats your wifes underwear in your case isn't fun either :eek: :D

31st December 2005, 21:02

1st January 2006, 01:24
Trying to explain in a humerous way that thats your wifes underwear in your case I'd just say it was dental floss...

1st January 2006, 23:16
date has had to be changed to 3rd Feb 2006 . If anyone would like to come with us to spectate/holidays i can pass you onto andrea who is sorting some package deals out this next week. flights and/or accom should be sortable and at reasonable cost apparently.

2nd January 2006, 19:23
Whats the closest airport?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (AUH-All Airports)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB-Dubayy Intl.)
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (SHJ-Sharjah Intl.)

2nd January 2006, 19:51
Originally posted by CM-TOTB:
flights arent bad apparently, returns available from £300 and up!.
might have some news by sunday regarding the date of the event tho, due to some minor issues it may have to slip back a week apparently so we'll confirm that asap. Flights are available out of Heathrow for less than £250 return! Cheap as chips for a 16 hour return journey.

2nd January 2006, 22:38
dubai is apparently 30mins away, abu dhabi is about an hour from the venue.

5th January 2006, 04:24
Sharjah would be the closest airport, but you would not want to stay in Sharjah, as it has no alchohol!

Dubai is the most tourist friendly of the four emirates involved, and has approximately 4,000 bars serving alchohol. You would have a mini-bar in your room, and can by duty free booze at Dubai airport between passport control and baggage reclaim!

Abu Dhabi airport is served by Ettihad airlines (from the UK) who are probably the cheapest, and offer a free bus transfer to Dubai. It also sells duty free alchohol, and has bars + restaurants.

None of these airports are as bad as Saudi (especially Riyadh) for the anal immigration staff.

British passport holders get a free visa at the airport for up to a 60 day stay, no need to pre-apply.

Umm Al Quwain (where TOTB will be held) is approx a 1 hour drive from Dubai, and is a very small '1 horse' kind of place. Again, it serves alchohol in the hotels.

Israel entry stamps are not an issue, two (very Jewish) friends of ours came over with no issue, and he travels to Israel from the UK about once a month for business and family reasons. Using an Israeli passport - well that could be a bit more difficult!

For a country that has equivalent GDP in oil and tourism, with the majority of that tourism coming from the UK, they are well used to the British eccentricities!

If anyone is coming who can do an Ecutek re-map please let me know - you could earn some beer money while on vacation!


5th January 2006, 19:58
cheers for that Neil!

Fensport and Abbey motorsport are coming over but i dont think they specialise in the scoobs and ecu tek tho! 2nd feb is a test day at the venue if you want to come over and say hi?

5th January 2006, 21:55
Now if you had said that earlier Neil ! My wife has just gone and booked a week elsewhere......wonder if its too late to cancel !


Race Altered
5th January 2006, 22:50
Will there be video coverage in the form of a DVD ? smile.gif

6th January 2006, 05:29
Andy - you serious? There would be an order for a TD05 (18G or 20G - undecided at the moment) as well as the mapping!

6th January 2006, 20:42
yes a dvd is being done!

andy- flights for £230 return on lastminute.com at the mo! you'd be welcome to come with us if you want to

6th January 2006, 22:28
I'd love to Chris but can't I'm afraid :(
Diary is too busy which I suppose is a good complaint !

18th February 2006, 01:50
SO how did the event go ??

18th February 2006, 11:24
ron won the event, the fastest 1/4 mile was by tim 10.08 i think

some results /pic/videos posted on gtr.co.uk

they got some mad cars over there

18th February 2006, 19:17
there was a class points award, and a fwd civic driven by a local resident won the class awards overall, ron k won the overall title. tied on points (24) with adrian (fensport corolla).
event went really well for first time effort over there. sheik brought along about 5 or 6 cars, incl a GT40, carrera gt, ariel atom!, lotus 340r and one of those bike engined motorbike/cars that lean around corners!