View Full Version : Japmeet 2004 in Sweden finished!

18th July 2004, 21:00
Hey all of you that was on Maptorp 17 July, thanks for a wunderfull time, and too bad my turbo blew, but luckely a nice Swede (Jonas) had a TD04 that I could borrow, so 3 hours later I was flying again, and drove further up in Sweden to Swedish Impreza club trackday on Gelleråsen.

Hope to see you all again to Japmeet 2005 !

Mr J
27th July 2004, 10:23
Which car was yours ?

the silver one or the blue WRX ?

Did not have my car since I still have not a gearbox for it.

Luckily Jonas bought my old MD304 turbo on last years Japmeet then ;) :D


2nd August 2004, 07:18
My car was the silver GC8 one.

2nd August 2004, 09:54
It was great fun meeting you Jesper, I had a fun day even though I had a cold coming on (and a bad one at that). smile.gif

You would be more than welcome to Kinnekulle 28th of August for more fun on track (our own event, small and v v v technical track).


2nd August 2004, 12:29
We are driving Padborg Park together with the Danish Alfa club. So I need to complete that track, last year I drove it 2½ round and blew the engine smile.gif

Fun meeting you also! Next year you must get some more track time. Plus I forgot to get a ride in your car.

7th September 2004, 12:51
I did one halfhour stint on the morning, then a 20 minute one in the afternoon - tires were shot even before the event. :D

We're celebrating 5 years as a club (the Swedish Subaru Impreza Club) next year, expect something special by invitiation. ;)