View Full Version : Bedford this saturday.

Adam M
28th March 2002, 10:38
Who is going?

nothing more to say!

Adam M
2nd April 2002, 11:38
well I went and it was nice to see everyone, even if you lame arses didnt reply.

2nd April 2002, 22:27

I'm sorry about not making it after pushing and all, I had a mini gaming weekend lined up and had not checked 22b prior to it.

Rest assured while you were meeting the good folk I was gunning the enemy down in Operation Flashpoint or tear arsing around Daytona in Nascar 4 with others.

I promise not miss the next one and replace it with a beer drinking, curry stuffing multiplayer gaming orgy..... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif