View Full Version : Any one fancy the Ring on 29th Sept?

28th August 2001, 16:38
If you fancy going to the Ring on 29th Sept, Mark Khan has put together a deal with Bike 2 Track.....

Heres the low down...

For all those interested in the September Nürburgring trip, here’s the details:
We will be travelling by P&O ferry from Dover on the Friday 28th of September at 2.30pm, and returning on Monday the 1st of October at 8.30pm from Calais.

The price of the ferry will be £120 per vehicle + driver, and £5 per additional passenger.

The hotel we will be staying at is called the Jung Stroof, and is below the castle in Nürburg, about 5mins from the track. The price per night is £20 per person for those sharing a double room (either one double bed, or two singles).

It would be a big help if as many of you as possible share rooms, as there are only a very limited number of single rooms available, and these are £35 per person per night.

Travel insurance is £14 per person for 4 days, providing there are no medical complications within the last 12 months. Breakdown cover is also available at £0.50 per day per car if required (both are covered by RAC).

Please make all payments directly to Bike 2 Track Limited, or over the phone by
credit/debit card. They will cover the hotel, breakdown, insurance and ferries.

Contact name: John Reeves
Tel No:0870 904 6633
Please quote reference MkRing

He will require the following when booking:

Telephone number
Date of Birth
Vehicle Registration Details
Any passenger’s names
Medical details for insurance (if applicable)

Please ensure that you book before Tuesday 18th September 2001, as this is the deadline.

Recap on prices as follows:

£120 per vehicle + driver
£ 5 per additional passenger
£ 20 per person per night sharing
£ 35 per person per night on their own as they have no friends or they
£ 0.50 per day per car breakdown
£14 per person for 4 days travel insurance providing there are no medical
complications within the last 12 months.

So that I can keep a track of numbers, please post here as soon as you have made your booking.


So far, Myself + Linda, Mark + Annabel, Rich R and Ian R are booked...