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12th October 2000, 11:23
Please find directions to the 'ring below. I've ripped these off from Colin Berry's Scoobynet post. I believe that he ripped them off from Adam Curtin's webpage.

I recommend that you do take the fun route through Germany. It's shorter and should be quicker, subject to lorries/mobile homes. If you do go this way, please watch out for the gatsos in Hofen and Schleiden. Also, the German Polizei are occasionally seen (white and green cars) pulling people over.

Avoid Brussels if you are travelling close to rush hour times. Otherwise you can save some time and mileage (only about 10 miles though) by heading straight to Brussels rather than looping to the South.

If you're going to miss a turn it will be at Lille, so take care around there and be prepared to bear right at the interchanges which can be confusing. Look for signs to Brussels, even if you are planning to loop south. You may spot small red E42 signs above the main green signs, but following Brussels will work when in Lille.

The hotel is a few yards from the castle gate, so once you have found the circuit head towards the castle. You can't miss it, it's on top of a bloody big hill. If you stop when the road stops climbing, you should see the castle gates and the hotel. Both are on the high side of the road, which should be the right side if you start from the zufahrt.

Have a safe journey and see you there,

Executive summary: E40 - E42 - E40 - N67 - A258 - Ring.
Take the E40 towards Lille (the Chunnel terminal at Coquelles drops you straight on to the E40, and it's well-signposted from the docks)
When the E40 and E42 split near Dunkerque, take the E42 to Lille
(you can take the E40 around Brussels all the way there, but this is slightly better)
At Lille, follow signs to Bruxelles until you're away from the town.
(You still want the E42, but I've never spotted any signs for it. You don't want to end up in Lille town centre. It's really hard to recover from that mistake (don't ask me how I know!))
After Lille, stay on the E42 to Mons (Belgium)
Stay on the E42 to Liège
Now you've got two choices ... If you're on a bike or in a car, you'll enjoy the first of these. If you're in a van or towing a trailer, the second is better.
The fun way
Rejoin the E40 (having shortcutted the circuitous bit) and head towards Aachen
After 20k (and before Aachen), turn onto the N67 to Eupen (junction 38 of the E40).
In Eupen, head for Monschau / N67
(going into Eupen you come to traffic lights at a T-junction. A small sign indicates you go right then immediately left. The left isn't signed to Monschau ... it has about a hundred other places including Hôpital)
Out of Eupen, find yourself on a pothole and subsidence demonstrator
(This is an awful road - the worst on the trip)
Cross the border from Belgium to Germany
(a slight kink in the road, a small sign, and the fact that the road surface improves are the only clues)
After Eupen, stay on the N67 to Monshau
After Monshau, turn onto the B258
Have a great drive on the B258 (it's a fantastic road!) on through Schleiden and Blankenheim, all the way to the Ring.
The non-bumpy way
Between Liège and Aachen, take the E42 towards Verviers and Malmedy
At Prüm, take the B410 East
At Kelberg, take the B257 north (left at traffic lights)
A couple of miles later, this joins the B258 at the GP circuit.
Getting to the Self-drive centre
(indicated here by a big red blob and a big red arrow)
If you've come the fun way, you'll approach down the B258 from Aachen/Monschau/Blankenheim, and eventually start seeing signs to Nürburgring. (Coming in from the top left of the map). You'll go past the GP complex (under the track) and see small signs to "Zufahrt Nordschleife" (self-drive). This takes you along the right of the long straight, although I don't think you can see it.
A right turn loops around 270°, under the road and the track, and loop around again to T onto a minor road parallel to the straight on the other side. Turn right ...

(Alternatively, if you miss the right turn, you pass a petrol station (the nearest one to the track) and hotel on the right, and then turn left, under the track, and then immediately left onto the same minor road)

There's a mini roundabout with a big shiny triangular sculpture (representing the Ring) ... Nürburg is straight on, the self-drive centre is on the left (impossible to miss). To be precise, the toll gate is 50°20.78'N, 6°57.97'E :)