View Full Version : Prodrive P1 10th Ann Gathering 9th May 2010

4th February 2010, 22:18
Hi guys, as said by Tony, we are having a gathering of P1's and would love as many of the awsome 22B there as possible, a place will be set out for your cars as well, I'm hoping Adge and HYP1C will be there on the day, below is all the details needed for the day.

At PRODRIVE Sunday 9th May 2010

Who would believe the mighty P1 is 10 years old this year.

To celebrate this we at the P1 WOC have decided to acknowledge the challenges that Prodrive undertook and achieved in creating the Impreza into a Supercar.

We are currently trying to get as many P1's gathered together in one place ALL at the same time ever. Yes at PRODRIVE

Prodrive are just off Jnc 11 off the M40 in Banbury
Website and address details are here

So we get an idea of how many P1's are going can you put your car next to your name please.

Even if you don't own a P1 but do have a Subaru you are all more than welcome to come along and join in the day.

There will be marshalls on the day to point you in the right direction to park your cars (P1's Only at the front of Prodrive)

Prodrive will be opening the Heritage Centre so people will be able to see all the cars in there, plus the Prodrive shop will be open.

All donations on the day will go to the Horton Hospital Charity, with an invite to the Richard Burns Foundation.

Start time 10.00am
Finish time 15.00hrs

ALL P1's to be parked up and in place by 9.30am please
Site plan will be provided if needed

Itinerary for the day
Invitations to ALL Subaru clubs (Where possible)
Prodrive Merchandise and Parts for sale on the day (To be paid for on the day)
Local News coverage and TV hopefully
P1 WOC merchandise for sale on the day
Commemorative plaque produced for all P1 Owners (At cost)
Commemorative Sticker on the day for all who attend

All the following mags will be asked to attend
Total Impreza Mag TBC
Japanese Performance Mag TBC
Banzai mag TBC
Autocar TBC

For ALL P1 and Subaru Owners that want to be apart of this then please visit www.p1woc.co.uk (http://www.p1woc.co.uk) and put your name on the list now started on there, it's free to register if your not already.

See you there