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Alan Bell
26th July 2009, 14:03
Its now stopped raining in York, >> good luck to the team smile.gif

26th July 2009, 20:42
I'm just in - no competing for me due to issues with the car that could not resolved in time :(

I'm sure someone will post up accurate info later, alas when I went to the timing screens after qualifying they were just showing RWD, so can only pass on what little I saw/heard:

RCMS car was fastest on the handling track
Andy was around 9.6 for the 1/4. When I was watching the handling he was fastest at that point, but later at least 2 cars had been faster.
JohnSt. was running in the 10s - hence his pre-event title of 1/4mile expert ;)
I'm fairly sure Dunc was into low 11s
Rob was quick on the handling track when it was wet.
Kev was his usual brutal self, poor cones ;) and doing well.

Justin A
26th July 2009, 22:01
I was there and left at 5:30. I think MLR won overall but to be honest nobody knew the times, let just say I'm sure constructive critism of the data aquisition should be taken on board.

Big head/side wind all day but quite a large dry window for the times - Olly fastest q.mile 9.4, andy on a 9.6 but time never recorded for final standings - didn't affect results as his next best time gave him same position.

But who's to say other times from other teams were missed that could have affected results?

Not ours because I think MLR won with a few points in hand but it could have affected other classes etc.