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2nd June 2009, 14:26
sorry - not sure what section this should be in redface.gif

Hello chaps and chapesses :wave: me again :D

Got another event you might be interested in – but this one is just about as much fun as you can have, being a grown up – while acting like a kid and getting away with it!!!
It’s the MLR500….. Now the boring bit… Rules and Reg’s

Date: Saturday 22nd August 2009
Venue: Blyton Autograss Circuit, Gainsborough, Lincs

</font> Entries are limited to a maximum of 25 teams</font> Teams must have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people</font> A minimum of 2 people in each team must be 22b members at the time of registration and the event</font> A minimum of 3 people in each team must be drivers and named</font> All teams must appoint a Team Captain who will be the point of contact for the team and responsible for liaising between the team and the MLR</font> The Team Captain must be a 22b Member</font> If the number of registered teams exceeds 25, the first 25 teams to book will be guaranteed a place. The remainder will be added to a reserve list in order of their initial registration, and offered a place if/when one becomes available</font>Cars & Car Preparation:
</font> All cars must be Mitsubishi models and be worth no more than 500 once the car has been prepared</font> All Mitsubishi vehicles are eligible with the following exceptions; Shogun/Pajero derivatives, L200, L300, Delicia, people carriers & any commercial Mitsubishi vehicles</font> All cars must be 10 years old or more, ie: registered prior to August 1999</font> A fire extinguisher (powder or foam, minimum 1kg capacity) must be securely fitted to the floor in the front passenger footwell, or rollcage, and be within easy reach of the driver</font> A rollcage, race seat and harness can be fitted without being included in the overall vehicle cost</font> The engines fitted to the cars must remain as the same type and capacity as fitted when new</font> The original fuel tank, battery position and bodywork must be retained</font> The windscreen must be retained, but side windows can be replaced by polycarbonate / perspex</font> Interiors can be removed but full dashboards must be retained and have a working speedo, trip & mileometer</font> All lights and exterior mirrors must be removed, although two rear brake lights must be fitted in the rear window aperture so they are visible by all following cars</font> Airbags must be disabled or disconnected</font> There are no restrictions on tyres</font> No additional nudge / bumper bars are allowed. This is a non contact event</font> Cars do not need to have an MoT or road tax, but in such cases must be trailered to the event</font> Performance modifications are allowed, but all mods must be declared and included in the overall value of the vehicle</font> Cars can be painted, decorated and themed, but any additions must be securely fixed. No additional lights with glass lenses can be fitted</font> Any car can be purchased by anyone for 500 after the event has finished</font>Scrutineering
</font> All cars will be scrutineered to ensure they are safe to drive on the circuit. This will include fuel & brake lines, battery, seat belts, rollcages and harnesses (if fitted), tyres, lights, mileometer calibration, fire extinguisher fitment & general condition</font> All cars will be reviewed to ensure that they are generally considered to be worth no more than 500. Any cars considered to be worth substantially more than 500 will be refused entry, and your fee retained</font> The Scrutineers decision is final</font> If Teams have any queries regarding eligibility (of any car, part, modification etc), they should ask for advice and confirmation from, DaveG, Mechell or Darin</font>Event Timetable:
</font> 10:00 – 10:30; Team Registration / Allocation of Team Numbers</font> 10:30 - 11:00; Drivers Briefing & Wristband</font> 11:00 – 12:00; Practice</font> 12:00 – 13:00; Lunch break</font> 13:00 – 13:45; Qualifying</font> 14:00 – 17:00; MLR500</font> 18:00 – Late; Party</font>The Event:
</font> All team members – drivers and mechanics - must go to the MLR500 marquee to “sign-in” on the day and complete an Indemnity Form and obtain a wristband</font> Only team members with wristbands, marshalls and the event organisers are allowed in the paddock during practice, qualifying and the MLR500 event</font> All team drivers must attend a driver’s briefing. A drivers wristband will be issued after the briefing</font> All drivers will be required to keep their arms, legs and hands covered at all times. Race suits are advised but not compulsory.</font> All drivers must wear a helmet and seat belt (or harness) when in the car</font> Once briefed there will be a one hour practice session where all drivers will have to complete a minimum of 3 sighting laps to gain a feel for the car on circuit</font> All drivers will be given a wristband after they have completed their practice laps. No drivers will be allowed to take part in the MLR500 event without a practice wristband</font> The Qualifying session will run one car at a time and will consist of one lap from a standing start. Any driver can be allocated by their team to set the qualifying time.</font> No passengers will be allowed in the cars</font> There must be a minimum of SIX driver changes during the event. If a team does not complete the full number of changes they will not be eligible to win the MLR500. These will be recorded by a marshall and it is the teams responsibility to ensure this has been observed and recorded by a marshall</font> Drivers must drive for a minimum of 15 minutes in the car after each driver change</font> Speed limit in the pit lane, refuelling area and paddock is 5mph. Any cars considered to be breaking the speed limit will incur a time penalty of 2 minutes which will be taken in the Paddock after the refuelling, driver change, or car repair has been completed</font> Car engines must be switched off during all driver changes and refuelling</font> Refuelling must be completed in the refuelling area only. This area will be signed.</font> Refuelling must be by 20ltr ‘jerry cans’ with the proper spout or funnel to avoid spillage</font> No fuel pumps are allowed for refuelling</font> Only the driver is allowed to refuel the car – no other team members are allowed in the refuelling area</font> Driver changes and car repairs must take place in the team area in the paddock</font> The MLR500 event, pit lane and paddock will be marshalled throughout the day</font> No form of car-to-pit radio or telephone communication is allowed</font>Safety:
</font> This is predominantly a non contact event and will be run with safety as the paramount concern.</font> Although we understand that some cars will come into contact with each other, all drivers are expected to drive to ensure this remains at a minimum</font> Any drivers seen ‘ramming’ or perpetually hitting other cars will be black flagged and sent to the sin bin for 2 minutes.</font> If the same car regardless of the driver, is sent to the sin bin 3 times that team will be excluded from taking any further part in the event.</font> Observe the pitlane and paddock speed limit of 5mph at all times</font>Trophies:
As soon as the results have been confirmed the trophies will be awarded to;
</font> The winning team</font> Favourite MLR500 Car (voted by all teams and spectators)</font>MLR500 Party:

The party will start at approx 18:00 in the MLR500 marquee. There will be a bar open throughout the evening and a great selection of hot and cold food available. The band will be playing several times during the party.

Post Event:
</font> All cars must be removed from the venue after the event – whether on the Saturday night or the Sunday immediately after.</font> Any personal belongings, rubbish etc must be removed from the venue.</font>

</font> 2009 entry fees are 250 per team</font> Tickets for the MLR500 party will be available separately at 5 each</font> Spectator entry to the event is free</font>
</font> By calling 0845 12 526237 with a credit card. (obv being 22b members gives you members rates ;)</font> If a team pulls out after paying the entry fee but there is a team willing to take the place, 80% the entry fee will be refunded AFTER the reserve team has booked</font>
Force Majeure:

If the event is unable to go ahead for any reason beyond the Organisers control, and an alternative date cannot be found or agreed as viable, any monies not used to fund the event will be redistributed evenly across the teams.

These rules are subject to change and any changes will be issued via the MLR500 category on the MLR Forum [url=’http://www.lancerregister.com/forumdisplay.php?f=49[/url]

Now - the party after is well worth going to - live band, food and drink available and a bit of boogie for those who want it......... :D

Any questions, call 0845 12 526237 and speak to me or Darin...... It really is the most fun you can have in a car... (I think tongue.gif )

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2nd June 2009, 14:28
Would so love to do this.... Paul is a member so can be a team captain if anyone has any bright ideas! ;)

2nd June 2009, 14:31
Originally posted by Liz:
Would so love to do this.... Paul is a member so can be a team captain if anyone has any bright ideas! ;) You only need the relevent members from your club - not the MLR (although its great Paul is one :D ) It really is a good laugh Liz..

2nd June 2009, 14:33
And I have now edited it to say - Captain must be a member of 22b :D

(don't forget that was written for the MLR, and I've been lazy and just copied it <blush>

2nd June 2009, 14:36
what a giggle this could be
im in if anyone wants to do this

2nd June 2009, 14:56
what would be cool Mechell, would be if us 22b members could choose Subarus only.... ;)

2nd June 2009, 14:58
Originally posted by Liz:
what would be cool Mechell, would be if us 22b members could choose Subarus only.... ;) Can't do that Hun, sorry... but there are lot's of Mitsi's on ebay for next to nothing. It's only a bit of fun - and you get to scrap the Mitsi after it :( :D

2nd June 2009, 15:01
No worries smile.gif

2nd June 2009, 15:02
Can we start with a 5,000 car and just beat the crap out of it to make it worth 500? Expensive way to do it but hey!

2nd June 2009, 15:02
and the point of that would be?!

2nd June 2009, 15:59
to waste a load of cash, whilst achieving victory in a fun event? ;)

Andy T
2nd June 2009, 16:44
And a quick search brings

Mitsi on Ebay (http://motors.shop.ebay.co.uk/items/Cars__W0QQLHQ5fPriceZQ2eQ2e500Q40cQQManufacturerZM itsubishiQQModernQ252FQ2520ClassicZModernQQ_dmptZA utomobilesQ5fUKQQ_fposZPostQ20CodeQQ_fsptZ1QQ_gcsZ 13QQ_mPrRngCbxZ1QQ_pcatsZ9800QQ_sacatZ9801QQ_sadis Z100?_rdc=1)

Obviously omit the excluded cars.

Forgot some of the jems that they have made :D

2nd June 2009, 17:31
ps - you can come just to watch too smile.gif Would obv be better if there were teams for you to support ;)

The party after will cost 5.00 to cover the food, there is a Bar there and a band playing till the early hours..

2nd June 2009, 18:32
Or with 500 to take a well looked after bargain home!

3rd June 2009, 13:25
just found some pic's of the previous event...

Arrrrrr good memories :D

Pics Here........ (http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=121093&highlight=mlr500)

Andrew Carr
3rd June 2009, 16:36
Simon, sounds like you're offering to donate the team car ;)

3rd June 2009, 18:09
come on peeps some of you must fancy a proper giggle?

3rd June 2009, 18:12
ESC have already pulled a team together :D

3rd June 2009, 19:00
Is only 1 22B Team allowed?

3rd June 2009, 19:02
Originally posted by deani_age:
Is only 1 22B Team allowed? Nope - there are 5 places on offer. ESC are planning to pay in the morning - so you can have 4 if you want smile.gif

3rd June 2009, 20:10
:D 1 Scooby team is now in - paid and ready to rock smile.gif

4th June 2009, 08:17
Kent Scoobies Paid
Essex Scooby Crew Paid
MSOC having a wip round at the moment LOL

4th June 2009, 08:43
Scoobie number 2 paid up :D

C'mon you lot - ;)

4th June 2009, 09:30
Scoobie number 3 paid up :D

5th June 2009, 14:56
You've all gone quiet?

(MSOC just booked team number 2 smile.gif )

10th June 2009, 13:46
Wish they hadn't moved this :( seems to have died now........

10th June 2009, 14:58
sorry chell, everyone I have spoken to loves the idea but is either too busy, too skint or both to take part :(

10th June 2009, 15:01
Originally posted by Liz:
sorry chell, everyone I have spoken to loves the idea but is either too busy, too skint or both to take part :( aww what a shame - was looking forward to seeing a 22b team there. Never mind... (you still coming along?)

11th June 2009, 08:12
Ill buy the car and share the driving if i can get help with the mechanicall side ie some slicks and a mechanicall mind if it misses a beat ...

Please let me know.Think it would be a great day from the norm...

11th June 2009, 14:37
I think it's on grass Mark, so maybe slicks are not the way forward! Plus we would want a car to finish the race with, so maybe we need to tie one hand behind your back to slow you down!?

Duncan Graham
11th June 2009, 14:50
that's how he drives normally Paul !!

11th June 2009, 22:40
probably tying both hands behind his back wouldn't slow him down either.. just stop him indicating and using the phone ;)

12th June 2009, 14:04
The majority of the kentscoobies.com team post on here. The team is Eureka, Skullfudge, JK, HOL and I. I'm sure we would proudly display a 22B sticker, if one (or 2) were made available to us.

Welcome dazzlers82 to the kentsccobies.com MLR500 Team.

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Duncan Graham
12th June 2009, 15:45
I don't think a 22b sticker exists ... you could always make one yourself tongue.gif

12th June 2009, 17:50
TTTTTT i dont know where this all started from,

All the track days i have been on inc seven times to the ring now i've drove home with my car intact and all my ncb must mean something.

I do beleive all the track days i went on i first went to pauls for oil service and mapp and he slowed me down though...

Im still looking for track animall inc a service team That loves work lolololol

13th June 2009, 14:25
Offer 70k and your 22b against the Team Ice car and you might be somewhere close to a car ready for your abuse.

14th June 2009, 16:16
I rather buy your's paul at the end of the year and show em how its done lol....

14th June 2009, 16:18
75k and it's yours!

14th June 2009, 19:24
how does 50 quid a week sound lol

23rd June 2009, 17:49
You can follow the progress of the kentscoobies.com team entry here.