View Full Version : Couple of events, who's going?

30th June 2006, 08:15
Rallyday & Prodrive charity open day.
Will be going to both, hopfully I will have the rally car running before rallyday as I've booked a track session.
Would be nice to put some faces to usernames if anyone is going the be there.

19th July 2006, 16:49
So nobody off this forum going to Rallyday???

20th July 2006, 06:03
I am, I'll be in the RB5. lol

drb5=Dave McD
20th July 2006, 06:42
Wish i could go:(

Rallyday looks like it would be excellent.

20th July 2006, 13:47
Might go to Rallyday. Its local for me so not a problem, thing is... I have been to all the previous ones, and feel I should miss this and make the effort to travel 5hrs or so up to TOTB next weekend instead! smile.gif