View Full Version : Midlands meet 6th Jan near Dav

Paul Habgood
2nd January 2001, 17:05
Sorry Harj - Not hijacking your thread from Scoobynet really.

Anyone up for it?

Assuming it goes ahead please keep an eye on the Midlands section of Scoobynet or i'll tery to post an update.

Paul Habgood http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Edited 'cos i can't even spell my own name right first time - DOH!

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3rd January 2001, 07:22
Im up for it Paul http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif LOL

Paul Habgood
3rd January 2001, 17:13

Your name seems stangely familiar, do you come here often?

Seriously, you still up for Saturday???