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27th December 2000, 22:23
Check the general section for Donnington snow latest. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gifJust had word from the event organisers, The track day is cancelled.

Snow is still heavy up there and is not clearing. Due to safety aspects, they have cancelled this event.

Although the track may have cleared with some steady use, the run off areas would not.

They will be contacting people in the new year to sort out refunds/credits Etc.

If anybody wishes to come, we are looking at having a mini-meet at the 'Toby Carvery.

This is on the A52 at the junction with Wollaton Vale in Nottingham, Approx 1 mile from the Queens Medical Centre.

Arrive from 12.30pm onwards, we'll have lunch, a skulk around everyone's Christmas presents and a bit of a thrash if anyones interested?

Courtesy of Mike tuckwood of Scooby Mania

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