View Full Version : Any interest in a Teesside/Durham area meet?

Chris. Lax
2nd April 2000, 22:03
Subject title says it all, is there anybody from the North East out there?

Andy H!
3rd April 2000, 11:29
Hi Chris,

Im Teesside based and would be intreasted in a North east meet as long as work doesnt get in the way.

Had a good day last summer out of Richmond and there has been talk of a N Yorks moors meeting on the other BBS.

Also i belive a track day for croft is currently been organised for later in the year.

Lets see what responce you get and may be you can arrange something http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Andy H

3rd April 2000, 15:47
Hi I am from Darlington and get my MY00 Turbo in 4 weeks time so am interested


Chris. Lax
3rd April 2000, 21:23
Andy, TAL, I'm off to malta for the next week(work, not play http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif ) so lets see what responses we get, then we can start to firm up some dates. May was the type of time I was looking at, any comments?

3rd April 2000, 22:13
I also went an the last Richmond meet great fun, lets get something organised soon.

Jason http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

4th April 2000, 09:34
I'll be back in teesside in 2 weeks for the forseeable future (new job oppo) so would be interested. My brother would come along too (EVO I).

I have a Type R STi 4 at the moment, in desperate need of a wash http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Andy H!
6th April 2000, 19:15
Any one from the north east going to the Mill lane rolloing road day on the 16th.

If you are we could meet to convoy down

Andy H

8th April 2000, 10:25
Hi i will be interested and so will skippy my97 and wrx my 94, any way whats happened to scooby nets bbs?

Chris. Lax
12th April 2000, 17:39
Hi guys,

I've just got back from Malta and am now looking some dates for a meet, any preferences for dates/routes.

Post sugestions here or E mail me.

See ya

26th April 2000, 07:52
Is this still going ahead?

Greg McNulty
1st May 2000, 19:04

Just joined the bulletin board but I would also be interested in a meeting. I live at Barton between Darlington and Richmond.

Cheers Greg
99MY, 4dr DBM

2nd May 2000, 12:46
I was out yesterday with my bro (him in his evo) and we went the back route between Thornaby and Neasham {sp} via Yarm, nearly going to Richmond etc. Great roads, got slowed down by a couple of born again bikers plus the usual sunday types. If no one else can think of better routes than maybe this would be an option.

Fantastic pub to stop off at before heading back too.