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17th April 2001, 21:53
Hello all,
Date for your diary.
Sunday 29Th April, 10:00am, East bound side of Birch services between J18/19 on the M62.
Northern Meet 5, approx distance 55 miles.

Any of you that intended going to Meet 4, but were unable to attend, should enjoy this just as much.
And hopefully this time we will not have any petrol shortages to worry about.

I have put the start time back a little, to allow the sleepy heads amongst you to wake up.

For those of you that have never been on one of these meets, there is nothing to be frightened of.
You each have a detailed route, and you can drive within the legal limit, and at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

So come along and enjoy the spectacle of, hopefully, a varied collection of nice motors.

Usual format ladies and gentlemen, please register your interest on this thread, and STATE YOUR CAR TYPE,if thats OK.

It makes life a bit easier for me trying to keep the car list topical, thanks.

3 x 22B (one is approx 340BHP, Ralliart modified)
1 x Shelby Cobra Jet GT500KR,428Cu/in,480BHP.
1 x Marcos Mantis (352BHP)
1 x MY1987 Sierra Cosworth(completely std)
1 x Audi TT (225BHP)
2 x Stratos Replica (whoopee)
1 x Mitsubishi 3000GT
1 x Honda Civic Type R
1 x Fiesta Si
1 x Volvo V70R
2 X Mitsubishi Evo 5 (one black, one yellow)
1 x Legacy GT-B
2 x MY01 (1 is the Robinsons Demonstrator)
6 x P1
1 x Series McCrae
2 x Terzo
1 x STi 6
24 x MY00
1 x MY00 5Door
6 x MY99
2 x STi 5 Type RA
2 X STi 5 Type R
1 x STi 5
2 x MY98
1 x MY98 5Dr
1 x STi 3 Type R (MY97)
3 x MY97
3 x MY96
3 x MY95
1 x 95WRX
1 x MY94
1 x STi 1 (MY94)
1 x STi 1 (MY94) 5 door
2 x 94WRX
5 x 93WRX
3 x Turbo Impreza MY?

Cheers MTR

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24th April 2001, 15:40
It's still on then ?

Look forward to seeing you all http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif