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2nd April 2000, 15:47
Graeme Cornthwaite and myself are planning 'a bit of a do' for 24th/25th
June in the Lake District, Cumbria.
The first draft of the itinerary is as follows....
Saturday 24th June, 11:00 - Meet up at a suitable pub near Kendal/Windermere
for lunch. Treasure Hunt instructions to be distributed.

14:00 - After lunch, depart for Sponsored Treasure Hunt, around the
Windermere, Ullswater and Derwentwater area.

17:00 - Meet up again at the Hotel (yet to be decided), after completing the
Treasure Hunt, for dinner and overnight stop.

Sunday 25th June, 11:00 - Depart Hotel to meet up at John Wildings Subaru
dealers in Kendal, via 'entertaining' group drive on suitable roads around
the Hotel location.

12:30 - Arrive at John Wildings, where several activities will be taking
place including;
Radio Controlled Car racing
Sponsored Car washes
Safe Driving briefing from local Traffic Police
Demonstration of the 'Barrier Deadlock' System
A tyre company may also be attending, supplying and fitting discounted tyres
to members cars, which will have been pre-arranged.

N.B. All times are approximate !


Tony Nesta Tel. 0151-526-5599, e-mail tony@arnesta.freeserve.co.uk
Graeme Cornthwaite Tel. 0850-982-582, e-mail GCornthw@smcpneumatics.co.uk

Additional Notes

Members taking part will be sent sponsorship forms beforehand, and we are
hoping that each car will have at least 50 worth of sponsorship from
members' friends and family, either on a clues collected basis or for
completing the event. Monies collected will be donated to a registered

There will also be prizes for the best performers in the Treasure Hunt.

I am currently negotiating with several hotels, to find competitive
rates,and to find what discount is available for group bookings. Costs are
expected to be 80-120 for a double/twin room, dinner, B&B. Single rooms
will be cheaper.

Car washes will be performed on Wildings premises, at 5 a time, with the
money again going to charity.

I have been in contact with Dick Grimes, and he has given us full backing
for this event, and it will be publicised in True Grip.

We need AT LEAST 20 cars to make it work, preferably 30. I know of several
people who are interested already, but if you have not let me know already,
or want to confirm availability, please get in touch. I need to get an idea
of numbers, so that I can sort out the hotel end of things.

Please don't feel this event is restricted to those in the NW - it would be
fantastic to see people from all around the country.


Tony Nesta
MY98 Prodrive

6th April 2000, 10:55
Tony - don't forget I have a 'suitable' prize for the treasure hunt - need to pass this on to you some time....


P1 Rum
14th April 2000, 22:26
Count me in *S*

Please mail any developments to me *S* cheers

16th April 2000, 20:05
Sounds great!
I don't know if I can commit to a full weekend but I should be able to visit for some of the events if that is OK ?


22nd April 2000, 21:50
That'd be great Mick - I can't find your email, send one to me at tony@arnesta.freeserve.co.uk and I'll ensure you're kept up to date.

25th April 2000, 17:51
In order for me to get an idea of how many rooms will be required/reserved at the hotel, I need you to let me know if you will DEFINITELY be coming BY THURSDAY 18TH MAY.

I need to know what sort of room you require ie.twin/double/family.

You can let me know earlier if you're certain, and there may well be spaces after that date, but I need an idea so the hotel can calculate any discount, reserve rooms etc. I will then pass the details out to you all to make your own bookings.

Contact me if you have any queries, but be aware I will be unavailable between 28/04 - 09/05.

26th April 2000, 14:18
Im interested in coming up from Essex, but would request Friday and Sunday night accomodation also.

Any idea how much this would come to for a double room http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif?

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26th April 2000, 22:12
A double/twin room for one night's dinner,B&B was looking at 80-120, so I think it will probably be around 200. However, the hotels I have spoken to indicated that 1 night costs more because they can't sell on the 2nd, so you may be able to get it cheaper.

Email me at tony@arnesta.freeserve.co.uk and I ensure you're kept up-to-date.

1st May 2000, 10:51
Yes, we'll be there Tony.

You're right about room rates too , the Lakes hotels and B&Bs aometimes will only let you take a room for the Friday and the Saturday, otherwise they are turning business away from a lot of "weekenders". We intend to stay on the Friday too, so we don't get stuck on the M6 with the Blackpool traffic coming up on Saturday morning.

1st May 2000, 17:44
Tony ..

Had a chat with wifey and she's keen http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif . What's the cost going to be for a family room 2 adults 'n' 2 kids ??


1st May 2000, 21:36
Tony, Ditto with Kev's message, only 2 adults and 1 small sprog. Also if you can give me an idea of where the hotel is we may decide to take the tent so location would help with finding a local site.
Sounds like a great weekend - looking forward to it. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

1st May 2000, 22:17
Hi folks, I'm off to Barcelona in the morning for the GP, so I'll sort you out in a weeks time. TTFN!

2nd May 2000, 20:58
He's a jammy devil http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


12th May 2000, 11:38
Tony ..

Any idea's of cost yet for a family room as in my last post ??


12th May 2000, 11:51
Not yet - I have not selected the hotel yet, I need to have definite numbers before I can do this - see my earlier post. People must let me know for definite by the 18th May if they want to come so I can inform the hotel. I can only give rough guides at the moment ie. 80-120 for a double room. If this is stopping you from making a firm commitment, let me know at tony@arnesta.freeserve.co.uk and I'll try to sort something out.

13th June 2000, 12:00
The meeting point for the Saturday is the Longlands Hotel near Carnforth at 11:30, directions can be provided. The Sunday route is almost completed, and again, directions will be provided.
If you still want hotel rooms, and haven't done so already, please book them

The Hotel have kindly agreed to hold the remaining reserved
rooms until the morning of Wednesday 14th June - the rest of the hotel is
full and they still have requests for accomodation, so get in there before
they go!

If you were not on the original list for a room, but want one, you can take
one of the reservations- price 89 for a twin/double B&B, 111 for a family
room B&B.

Please contact me (tony@arnesta.freeserve.co.uk or 0973 986 874) for details.