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7th August 2000, 16:24
I've been asked to put this on the BBS...

There is going to be a very large static car show called “Sports & Performance Cars 2000” On Monday 28th August. The show will take place at Llandow Race circuit, approx 25 minutes from Cardiff. These are just a few of the attendees or cars at the show:

Max Power Car Magazine.
Revs Car Magazine
Renault Sport
Lotus Sport
Concept Saab
Mitsubishi Performance
Rs Owners Club
Subaru Club
The Mini Club
VW Gti Club
Uplands Car Radio
Mersey Speed Performance

Jaguar Xkr
Rs Cosworth

Please Visit our web site: www.exclaim-promotions.co.uk (http://www.exclaim-promotions.co.uk)
If you are interested in attending please contact the organisers: “Exclaim Promotions” on: e-mail: info@exclaim-promotions.co.uk
Or Tel: 07951105566
Note: The main club itself may have a free plot for up to 10 cars and a stand. For everyone else it will cost £2 per person or £5 per car entry (up to 4 passengers)

7th August 2000, 19:17
Sounds good. Anyone know what the Subaru club does.
Trouble is been offered freebie hospitality
at Castle Combe the same day.

14th August 2000, 03:56
Come on guys there are hardly any posts here. Chip this is not to be missed. A few of my mates are taking their cars up, you know just the usual, 22b, RB5 and a mitsubishi Zero fighter. Yum yum its sounds good, come on you know you want to. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

14th August 2000, 17:38
Just learnt that I'm on call that day so cant go to either meet. Thats life Im afraid. What part of the holy land are you from Scrappy.

15th August 2000, 01:44
Well chip im sorry to hear that you are on call then, i think it will be quite a day.In reply to where i live,its quite close to Abergavenny (heads of the valley near Brynmawr) http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif Where abouts do you dwell?