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3rd April 2000, 19:42
New - improved - back by popular demand!

Exmoor IV taking place Sunday 16 April at .. er.. Exmoor. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif


4th April 2000, 02:01
I am interested, just little things like on call and getting my clutchy fixed may be a problem http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

I will keep an eye on this and will come if I can http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

4th April 2000, 07:09

It would be great if you could make it. Likely start just off M5 Junction 25 at Taunton. A nice drive to lunch in the pretty Exmoor village of Dulverton & then a trundle around the great roads of Exmoor. There will be a split into at least 2 groups & we will be doing a reccie this weekend to write-out simple route instructions so no-one gets lost.

Dave Mitchell
4th April 2000, 17:23
No fair.. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

I can`t make it. Bob`s fitting my Link.


Oh well I guess I`ll have to have fun on the way home. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

4th April 2000, 19:50
Finally a South West meet when I'm not on call!!!!
I'll definitely be there. It will make a change to visit the B&Q car park for reasons other than DIY.

For those of you whose right foot occasionally lapses there is a dark blue volvo 850 patrolling the Taunton area. Registration P533 PTC. It "appears" to be an unmarked police car.

6th April 2000, 21:26

I'm up for the 16th for a plod across Exmoor as Bob puts it. Due to the apparent lack of interest maybe we should postpone until a few weeks after Easter or ( would the traffic be that bad ? we ran one last August and it wasn't too bad (you and me!))after a local meet where we could muster up a few more cars (some people might not have found this BBS?). Anyway, it's just a few ideas to throw in the pot.



7th April 2000, 07:36

After Easter the holiday season starts & we will be baulked by cars & caravans. If we do the run now, it will be good - after Easter it won't be good.

I'll post a message on Pistonheads.

8th April 2000, 08:40
9 interested people so far. I'd like maybe 12 for the trip. I'm doing a rec of the route tomorrow, so I will have full details by Monday. If you are interested in the trip, please could you email me nick@nickhill.net so that I can gauge numbers & keep in touch with you.

Matt Grant
8th April 2000, 11:30
Marie-Louise and I will be there again, as long as i'm not working; and as usual we won't know until the last minute.

Matt Grant
9th April 2000, 20:14
We have decided not to come to Exmoor IV. We are taking the car to Germany the following weekend, and therefore don't want to do anything which might mean damage to the car. Sorry

9th April 2000, 20:33
You don't have to drive with the nutters, you could always drive with the slower pack.

9th April 2000, 21:04
Hi Matt

Have a good time in Germany. Do what you think is right about the Exmoor drive. It is very beautiful up there this time of year though. There will definately be 2 groups on this run, I will be taking the non-nutter group.. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

10th April 2000, 15:12
I am now collecting names for the drive next Sunday. We have done the reccie & have prepared the route.

Starting at M5 junction 25 (Taunton) from the B&Q car park at 12 noon on Sunday 16 April. We'll head out of Taunton along the excellent B3227 to Dulverton stopping for lunch at Ye Olde Tea Shoppe at around 1pm. The staff has been warned & will have tables ready for us. Dulverton has a few nice shops for the girlies to look around. Setting off over Exmoor, we'll have a quick stop at Simonsbath for an Ice cream & a Pottery shop for the girlies before trundling off along the superb B3223 to the old seaside town of Lynmouth. We'll have an hour or so there to wander around before heading back towards the B3223 again. There will be a photoshoot opportunity just at the start of this road before we all set off again on the remaining part of the route. near the end, there will be a short pub stop.

The drive will be in 2 groups to cater for varying speeds. The trip is spouse-friendly. Exmoor is beautiful at this time of year. The air is clear & there are excellent views. The roads are made for Scoobs, with more hairpin bends than you can shake a stick at. Non-Scoobs are welcome.

Please email me for any more info or to register your interest in the trip.


10th April 2000, 19:30
Hi Nick,

Count Jackie and i in for Sunday, Should be able to give the Leda a work out.


10th April 2000, 19:55
Hi Steve

Leda this & Leda that... don't rub it in please! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif
Mayeb you should give me a chance & run on the space saver? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

11th April 2000, 19:13
My clutch is now fine, my oil problem has been traced to a heat damaged turbo seal.
This is due to be replaced on Thursday so I hoped that I might just be able to make it!

However I can not get out of my weekend on call, so maybe the next one! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/cool.gif

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13th April 2000, 18:50
Here is a pic of the Exmoor IV route. On the day you will get a B&W print of the route with stop points marked with expected ETA's. The Bob group will set off 10 mins behind the Nick group so that hopefully we reach the meet points together.

See you Sunday. Meeting M5 Junction 25 (Taunton). Take the road to Taunton & within 100m you will see a large B&Q. Meet in the B&Q car park at 12 noon.


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13th April 2000, 21:23
Sorry I definetly can't make it!
New Turbo runing well though http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Wizard Of Wax
13th April 2000, 22:19

I've been given permission to come with my silver toy...se ya there in 911 P

14th April 2000, 06:19
Sorry you can't make it. Maybe next time?

Excellent news. I wonder if our resident nutter (Bob) can keep up with you?? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

Wizard Of Wax
14th April 2000, 20:30

Anyone coming up from Plymouth or South East Cornwall? Perhaps we could convoy up?

16th April 2000, 19:03
Thanks to everyone for coming on the drive today. I enjoyed myself but am completely wacked out now! Full report & pics to follow soon.

Oh & Bob showed us how to have a Laguna for breakfast! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

16th April 2000, 20:02
Thanks for organising the run Nick.
I had a great time. It was my first scooby meet/drive and I think it showed!
My Brakes have definitely got to go! Unfortunately no one is advertising any 4 pots tonight http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

16th April 2000, 20:10
It was good to meet you at last!

Speak to Scoobysport about brakes. Although Steve & I have standard brakes.

A possible half way stage to Brembos, would be Pagid pads & upgraded brake lines & fluid.

Pics of the meet are now on http://www.nickhill.net/exmoor4/

16th April 2000, 21:33

Thanks for organising a great days driving.
I don't think Pagid make a pad for the two pot caliper. I've had braided hoses and synthetic fluid fitted and although the pedal feel is firmer, the overall stopping power isn't increased. My brakes were almost at the point of giving up before we got to lynmouth. Pete may be getting a visit soon.
Good to meet everyone, see you all again soon I hope.


Wizard Of Wax
16th April 2000, 21:54

Thanks for great day out. The drive was superb! Soory I had to stop to take helpline calls and then I shot off to South Molton. Nevermind, when I did catch up ....a thorougly good drive. When is the next one?

Dave Mitchell
16th April 2000, 23:10

Pagid do make a pad for the 2 pots...
The part # FR-0397 Fast road.
From Need for speed. They have a web site, but I don`t remember the url.

17th April 2000, 11:14
Be aware that Pagid pads will wear your discs faster than normal kit. The pagid blue pad seems to eat discs!

17th April 2000, 12:38
At least my brake pedal feels normal again today http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

Can't afford Brembos/AP currently so I'm looking for some 4 pots. The plan is 4 pot calipers, uprated grooved discs, braided lines and MRT bracket.

Had a great time though.

17th April 2000, 13:53

Thanks for organising a great day, really enjoyed the run http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif and meeting everybody there.
Can't wait for the next one, but i'll make sure i'm on 4 good tyres and uprated brakes by next time.

Thanks again, Steve http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

17th April 2000, 16:52
"BRAKES" Who needs stinkin brakes.
"Tyres" Who needs Stinkin tyres.
Well I needed them before the run.
So I will have to drive on my slicks a little longer. Brakes behaved but did go a little soft.
Had a great time and see Doc I never needed any treatment. Perhaps we can have a psychiatrist on the next run. I could do with some help from him.
See you all soon
Bob Iles

17th April 2000, 17:06
Bob! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

17th April 2000, 21:32
We met just off the Taunton motorway junction at 12:00 noon. Waiting for a few late comers, I passed around maps & we discussed the drive. Finding that everyone apart from Bob had a full tank of fuel we headed off to the nearest petrol station in convoy - managing to lose one Scoob on the way - although he caught up with is at the lunch stop. A the petrol station, Mark Underwood (Wax Wizard) caught up with us in his rather special Porsche S4 Turbo. So with a convoy of 8 cars, we set off out of Taunton towards Dulverton. To start with, the traffic was light to medium, so keeping the convoy together was hard work, but eventually the traffic eased & we were happily plodding along. I recall looking in my mirror during one mass overtaking session to see every Scoob behind me doing the same thing. It looked a little like an F1 warm-up lap, with the Scoobs apparently weaving in & out of my mirror line of sight. Getting on a straight open bit of road, Bob's loud pedal foot was itching behind me as I slowed to let everyone catch up. Mark in the Porsche at the back was dropping back as he was taking support calls. After a short while, I saw everyone was there so I squeezed the loud pedal & we were off. Driving with Bob behind you, really concentrates the mind, but we were soon happily dealing with the multiple hairpin bends & nice fast sweeping roads in this area. Some of us Exmoor old hands are now used to the sharp hairpin at some crossroads near to Dulverton. We can now slide around that corner, although I think my Yokos slid a little more than I had wanted. Finally reaching Dulverton, we had lunch at the Tea Shop there, with the usual excited conversation about the drive so far.

The next part was real Exmoor roads & we drove these with our usual enthusiasm. Traffic was light, so it was fairly easy to keep in convoy although I know that even the most mild mannered driver can get a little ragged after being overtaken the 5th or 6th time. Stopping for a few minutes for Steve & Jackie to "save" a lamb at the side of the road (I think they shut it in a field... city types!!!). We got onto my favourite piece of road. My last Exmoor drive was on SO2's so it was useful to compare the drive between SO2's & AVS Sports. I could tell that the AVS tyres had less grip as I was in slides on most corners, where on SO2's I would have just been hanging the rear end out a little. I did however have confidence on the Yoko's as I could throw the car into any corner & the Yoko's would not bite back. Dealing with the slides was easy. Reaching Lynmouth we stopped for an Ice cream & during our Sea front cruise, we got the usual looks of amazement from on-lookers.

Setting-off back toward our favourite bit of road, we briefly stopped for a photo shoot, before walloping along the hairpin bend stretch. With hardly any traffic around, we could really test ourselves & great fun was had by all. With Bob, SteveM & me way out in front we rather lost the others & I think that SteveB leading them got confused & followed the Exmoor III route back home. Never mind, both routes are great & we finally met back at the B&Q in Taunton. Bob had got there way before SteveM & me, he was patiently waiting have finished his McCoffee. Earlier, while we were waiting for group B to catch us up, Bob had got an itchy loud pedal & just had to plod off & have a Laguna for breakfast.

My thanks to everyone who came along.

17th April 2000, 22:33
Thanks Dave, my info came from PeteC the last time I was there(Oct).
For info if anyones interested - This was the first decent run i've had since having Leda B fitted, some observations;
The car felt much more planted in the fast/very fast corners that had some bumps(mainly smooth tarmac). Before the car would figit(spelling?) a lot more.
Following other cars on a couple of occasions I was able to keep to the ideal line while the car in front was clearly starting to understeer and pushing the front wide(i've only got A520's)
After our lunch stop I cranked up front and back by two clicks. This proved to be a mistake, as the car was now too stiff for the bumpy roads across Exmoor. On a couple of corners we nearly bounced into a ditch ('er in doors was getting nervous !)as a bump caught us on the entry.
I feel that the turn-in to some of the hairpins was much better and allowing me to get on the power earlier(we are only talking fractions though)
Anyway, very pleased.
I got the pads out tonight and found them to be very glazed over. A quick scrub with some emery paper has given me back some of the stopping power.

The plan with the Lamb was (although Bob wanted it in his boot!)to stall everone while we ushered it to safety, giving us ten minutes of clear road ahead.


18th April 2000, 08:57
Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf.
Mint Sauce, Mint sauce.

18th April 2000, 19:44
O.K. I admit it I was the one who got lost at the start http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/redface.gif , but in my defence the traffic in Taunton was horrible . Any way who got his dinner first? I was hungry !!!! I hadn`t had any breakfast .
That sheep on the way would have made a lovely meal . I thought that Steve was going to put in the back of his car after all thats all these scoobs are good for isn`t it? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif
Thanks to Nick for organising a great day , all I ve got to do now is replace the front pads (heard metal to metal when I returned home)and I will be ready to go again http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif
Cheers Dave

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19th April 2000, 06:47

You were behind me at one point on the drive. I expect you noticed me sliding around all over the place on my Yoko's - how did you feel your Leda compared?

20th April 2000, 20:50
When Steve was behind me I could see his car holding a much tighter line through corners whilst my car just wanted to understeer and run wide.

20th April 2000, 21:41

I got behind you immediately after our lunchtime stop at Dulverton(very nice it was to)and it wasn't very long before I realised that my car was now too stiff, so i was glad to just be able to hang on to you. What with losing some confidence in my braking and the handling i was glad when we got to Lynmouth.
From past experience it is about 10% easier following someone than setting the pace yourself.