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3rd April 2000, 19:11
Hi folks,

As I'm a Dutchie... I am not sure of how West Silverstone is http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

This is slowly gathering interest on IWOC so thought I'd see if any interest here too.
It appears that a few people are going to Siverstone on Weds April 12th to watch the testing. It's free to get in and, although Siverstone can't guarantee it, a good number of teams will be there for a pre-british Grand Prix test.

If anyone here shows some interest we will dig out times and perhaps we can arrange some meet up point's / convoy's. Also there are a four people flying in from the Netherlands who have arranged a hire car at Luton, but would love to have scooby chauffeurs instead - not dumb eh? But would need 4 free seats to make that work..

4th April 2000, 07:33
Hi all,
I've copied this over from IWOC and Pistonheads, please excuse the messy edit.

Mark wrote:

Chris, Steve and everyone else,

I posted previously about the tyre testing sessions at Silverstone. You can get very limited info from the Silverstone web-site at: http://www.silverstone-circuit.co.uk/events/gptest2000.htm The busy session there is the one just prior to the British GP, because the teams want to get testing in there before the race. This year it's running 11, 12 and 13th April.
Entry is free although access is restricted to certain areas -- last year it was the viewing areas around the Luffied complex only, the year before it was the grandstand too. There is no guarantee which (if any) teams will be there ay particular day, but when I've been in previous years just about all the drivers have been out on the track. From memory the sessions run 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. I am going to be going to the Wednesday (12th) session with a bunch of
friends. Three of our Dutch IWOC friends will be flying over and hopefully we will have a decent Scooby turnout -- a few of the UK people on the list have expressed an interest already but no numbers are confirmed.
Let me know if you're likely to be coming along on the Wednesday and I'll keep you posted with details on when we'll all be there.


And I said:

We are coming up from Essex, leaving around 8 am and so getting to Toddington services around 9 - depending on rush hour traffic on the good old M25.
Yvo, I can take 1 guy if he doesn't mind being crammed in the back of a 22B between 2 kids. Email me and we can try to sort something out.