View Full Version : South Coast meeting

19th May 2000, 21:37
OK, anyone fancy a meet on the south coast. Maybe Hayling Island or Southsea? Evening ? Weekday or week-end? There must be lots of us. Any suggestions?


Silver MY95 WRX

21st May 2000, 20:36
Arranged a meet a few weeks ago for Scoobs in the N London / Herts area , met up but didn't really have a plan where to go so this would be a good idea.

What date did you have in mind ??

22nd May 2000, 18:54
Hi Allan

Haven't got anywhere or any date in particular at the moment - just trying to gauge interest. See the posting on the South events section on bbs.scoobynet.co.uk for more replies to this topic.

Thinking of Southsea/Hayling Island area at the moment.

Any suggestions??