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29th April 2000, 09:38
Hi , this is cross posted from the OTHER BBS !

I hope you guys dont mind. I cant be bothered to type it all out again.

If you want to come for a blast on 14th May then see



2nd May 2000, 20:59
The final details are as follows :
1. The date will be May 14th

2. The time will be 7.30 AM ( to miss traffic). Departure at 7.40 am

3. The place will be the ESSO petrol station in Pratts Bottom, Aprox 1 mile from JCT 4 of M25 on the A21.....: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?X=547250&Y=162750&arrow=Y

4. Destination will be Brighton for breakfast (arriving at about 9am ish) and then driving round the coast to Hastings and then Rye to enjoy the roads at Camber.

5. The route will be revealed to those who turn up on the morning. (mostly twisty A & B roads)

I personally, will be then making my way back to the start point via some even more good twisty roads finishing about lunchtime. If anyone wants to tag along feel free I know some people get knackered and will want to chill out and maybe peel off, thats fine. Also if people want to meet at the cafe in Brighton then e mail me direct and I`ll give you directions as it can be a bit tricky to find!

I cant think of anything else but I`ve probably missed something out. I dont want to frighten anyone off but the emphasis will be on driving the cars we love rather than looking at them ..if ya know what I mean !!!

Definates so far : james neill,david,keith,mark khan,andrei, mark r, graeme s & me of course. A couple of maybes and I`m still waiting to speak to the supra guy ( he will probably cry off if its looking gloomy being RWD an `all that !!!!)


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3rd May 2000, 20:27
High Guys,

Cant make it early, but as I live near Rye I can catch up with you later, can you give me an ETA for Rye. If you came back up through Tenterden that afternoon/evening there are plenty of good pubs and parking with a good choice of resteraunts - Chinese,Indian,Turkish or for the wealthy a good italian.

K - Mail me if you need any help.