View Full Version : N London / Herts meet 7.5.2000

24th April 2000, 11:55
Got half a dozen or so N London/ Herts Scoobies meeting at Scratchwood services M1 on 7.5.2000 probably around 12.

Anyone interested let me know and I'll keep you posted. More the merrier.


29th April 2000, 07:06
Now have around 20-25 Scoobies coming along with many meeting up to go up in convoy from Enfield/Cockfoster/Barnet and Cheshunt..so let me know if you can make it as looking like a good turn out so far


6th May 2000, 07:11
OK here is the plan. Enfield area bods to meet in the secondary car park of the Robin Hood Pub on the Ridgeway in Enfield ( off the A1005) 11am ish on Sunday
see http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?X=530034&Y=198943&arrow=Y
If you are coming from junction 24 of the M25 , Potters Bar , PLEASE BE CAREFUL as there is a very well hidden speed camera VERY shortly after the start of the 30mph limit so please be warned.

If anyone needs directions please email me and I'll do my best to guide you there.
Don't turn up too early as the pub itself won't be open . Suggest meeting around 11ish as it will take about half an hour to get to Scratchwood for 12ish.

If anyone gets lost on the day you can call me on 0468 901252
See ya


7th May 2000, 23:10
So how was it?