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15th February 2001, 14:48
We had so much fun at our previous karting events, that we've gone and booked it up again.

This will be a team endurance event, which will last a total of two hours. It will use the full 930m outdoor track at Raceland karts in Edinburgh (see Karting (http://www.raceland.co.uk)) .


We will be using the twin-engined pro-karts, which are capable of 70mph+, even for the heavyweights amongst us!

Each team must have 4 members, and to within 5 minutes, each drivers total time must be the same. You can change drivers as often as you wish, and re-fuel once during the race (re-fuelling performed by Raceland officials).

To even things up a bit, each team must have a minimum average weight (to be announced), and the starting grid will be decided by average weight (heaviest first). This should lead to a very competitive evening, with very
close racing.

Don't worry if you don't have enough people to make up a team, as we will have loads of people in a similar situation, and we'll pair you up with fellow owners for the night.

Vital Stats:

Date: Friday 30th march
Arrival Time: 6pm (remember how long it took to get coveralls, helmets and
gloves sorted out the last time!)
Race Start: 7pm
Cost: 120 per team (30 each)
Curry afterwards: Of course http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

To make administration easier on the night, all money must be paid in advance.

A booking form (with details of payment etc) will be available shortly.

If you are interested in taking part, please send an e-mail message to me
john@sidc.co.uk , with the word "karting" in the title.



PS Remember our previous events have been oversubscribed, so don't waste any time in replying if you don't want to be disappointed!!