View Full Version : Knockhill changes, and possibly first track event of next year ?

30th November 2000, 14:53
I have been speaking to the circuit manager at Knockhill this afternoon regarding the changes to the track they have implemented over the past few weeks:

In summary:

Longer pit entry and exit lanes, so no cars pulling out blind, or slowing down on racing line.

Wider track at bottom of Duffus, so slightly more space available. Racing line the same, potential overtaking when racing

Wider track going into Clarks. Again to increase overtaking potential during races, but racing line remains the same.

Hairpin moved some 10m back. Pit straight not so long, so lower speeds. Lots of tarmac before the gravel, so more room if you miss your braking point, or experience bad fade. Hairpin re-profiled to allow faster cornering, so less wheelspin coming out.

Also, they have dug out all the kerbs around the circuit, and replaced them with much smoother ones, and at the same time replaced some of the grass behind the kerbs with special concrete blocks. These blocks have a hole in the centre through which grass grows. Thus if you go over a kerb in the future, your wheels won't dig into mud or grass. However, the grip offered by this surface is about 50% less than the kerb itself, so using it will make you slower in terms of a racing line.

Overall, lap times should be a bit faster, but with much improved safety where it was needed.

Knockhill are running special offers for track hire during February, and we could have a half day on a Saturday during February for only £1,000+VAT (usually £2,000+VAT or more, depending on the time of year), as not many people are keen to do track stuff during the winter months. The dates we have available at the moment are the 10th and 24th, and possibly the 17th March. We could of course get a full day for a mere £2,000+VAT if we wanted.

What I need to know is how much interest there would be for a Saturday track event in February or March (only the 17th available). Remember that it will be cold, and most likely wet as well http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

I'm thinking that if we get 24 people willing to pay £50 for up to 4 hours of track time (usual open pit format), then I'll go ahead and make a provisional booking. If we get more people taking part, then you'll get a partial refund or credit (some of you have a credit from the last event to carry forward).

Looking forward to some replies…


30th November 2000, 15:42
I'll be first then!! I've got some nice PZeros on which should perform soooo well in the wet!! not http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif

8th December 2000, 13:19
Track has been booked for Saturday March 17th, from 1pm - 5pm. Cost around the £50 region for 4 hours of unlimited track time (open pit format).

Likely to be limited to around 30 cars max, so plenty of empty track time to be enjoyed by all.