View Full Version : Forthcoming Scottish events

27th November 2000, 12:11
Just so that you don't think we aren't doing anything, we are currently planning the forthcoming events. No fixed dates as yet, as everything is still in the planning stage.

End of January. Meeting in Perth, with a drive before and after lunch.

Mid-Jan - Mid-Feb, karting event, probably indoors on a weekday evening. Venue to be decided (Livingstone, East Edinburgh or Aberdeen are all possibilities).

February - corporate type event at Knockhill in conjunction with another car club. You do the new rally course, plus an additional event (e.g. off-road, quads, skid car etc). Lunch and coffee also provided. Cost around 130.

April - track evening at the all new Knockhill race circuit. It's currently closed for a few weeks whilst some work is done to alter some of the corners to provide more overtaking opportunities. Should be interesting to see what changes they make http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Other ideas we are working on:

A proper off-road course, using Land-Rovers or something similar. If there is enough interest of course. Yes I know it's not fast and doesn't use Subaru equipment, but it's good fun, and educational.

A trip to Don Palmer's Wetter the Better course. An organised trip for us Scots heading south for a weekend. We'll probably make a detour via some other interesting establishments as well during the weekend, to make the long journey even more worth while. Places will be limited though, and we can probably run this one twice or more if there is enough interest.

As well as these, I'm also planning a few more "social" type events, e.g. golf, BBQs, bowling (ten-pin variety), a treasure hunt etc. where more of the family can get involved (if they wish). I'm open to suggestions...