View Full Version : Knockhill, Saturday 9th September

5th September 2000, 14:53
As some of you may already know, Knockhill are running another of their Hot Marques track events this Saturday (9th September). Knockhill are prepared to offer SIDC members the same deal they offered the last time, which is free entry into the circuit (saving you 5), and 5 off the cost of taking
part on the track.

This means you get unlimited 10 minute sessions on the track throughout the day for only 30, which must be one of the best track day bargains going. Those of you who came along to the last one will know that there are barely more than 10 cars out on the track at any time.

If you don't fancy taking part, then simply turn up to the circuit and watch for free. You might even get some passenger laps (though you have to register, along with a small fee).

One thing to note, is that if you do intend to go out on the track, either as a driver or passenger, then bring your own helmet if at all possible, as Knockhill will charge you a 1 hire fee for every session, which could get expensive if you intend to do 15 to 20 sessions!

It is all high quality cars taking part, which according to the Knockhill rules, must be worth over 10k. Last time out, there were some very nice Porsches and TVRs taking part (including a new Tuscan), Impreza, Elises, and some Integra Type-Rs. Everyone on the track was very careful, and track etiquette was excellent as well.

The day starts at 9am, with the track opening for the first time hopefully before 10am, going onto about 5pm.

One other thing to note, is that there will be a national motoring magazine there to cover the event (I don't know which one), and they will be taking photographs of all well turned out/interesting cars in the paddock, as well as out on the track. In this case, I would suggest that all Impreza owners park together in the paddock/car park for a good display.

I myself can't make it on Saturday, but I know quite a few of you have already made plans to take part. Our good friends from the Scottish Elises are also taking part, and would be more than happy to take you out for
passenger laps as well if you ask nicely.

I'll see you all there on Sunday at Cameron House Hotel for the BBQ though http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif