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30th August 2000, 11:05
The SIDC have been invited to put on a display stand at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre at the appropriately titled "Golden Wheels" exhibition.

This is a Motor Show being organised by the Grampian Motor Clubs Network (which we shall hopefully join later today!), and is expected to attract several thousands members of the public along to view a wide range of classic to current motor cars being displayed by over 30 Car Clubs.

We are looking for possibly up to 10 cars to appear on our display stand. I have been asked if we can get at least one rally car along, so if anyone knows anyone with a WRC car spare for the day, or even a Group N car, and who would like to get some more free publicity for their sponsors, then please let me know.

It doesn't cost anything to take part in this event, with all costs being taken care of by members of the public who pay a small entry fee to come into the show.

I would like to put on a wide range of different Imprezas (one each of all the special editions ?), plus one or two rally cars if possible, plus a selection of standard and modified Imprezas. We will of course have to spend some time on the day (or the day before), preparing all the cars so that they look their best!

I'll also try to get some banners & posters sorted out, along with a table and chairs so that we can have lots of hand outs regarding the cars and the club. I'll see if any Subaru dealers would be interested in giving us some Impreza and accessory/WR Sport brochures and price lists that they would be happy for us to give out to members of the public. Some Impreza related suppliers might also be interested in giving us price lists etc.

I'm not sure of the exact timing of the event, but I would guess that it starts around 10am, and will go onto late afternoon.

As usual, this means there will be a night out with a few beers in Aberdeen on the Saturday night, probably ending up in a curry house for a bite to eat.

If anyone is interested in taking part, helping out in any way they can, then please get in touch.

Best Regards