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2nd August 2000, 11:49

here's the calendar of events for the next few months:

mid-late August: Rolling Road session on a 4WD Rolling Road in Scotland. We need a minimum of 6 cars for them to open on a Sunday, and the cost will be 30 each.

30th August: Outdoor karting event at Raceland in Edinburgh. Final details of times and deposits required are still being worked on, but I should know soon. I'll update the existing thread once I know.

10th September: Cameron House Hotel revisited. See www.leask.org (http://www.leask.org) for details of last years event which was a great success. Extra activities such as jet-skiing etc available in the morning. First class BBQ lunch (eat all you can type affair). Drive and visits in the Afternoon still being finalised. Prior notification will be required, along with a deposit so that final numbers can be confirmed with the hotel for lunch.

24th September: Borders Meet II. Similar to previous event, but with a trip to the newly re-opened David Coulthard Museum in Twynholm at the end of the day. Those travelling from further south can rendezvous at lunchtime when we head south, to give you an extra hour or two in bed http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

6th October: Provisional booking for Knockhill. Session from 4pm(ish) to 6pm(ish). Cost between 30 and 40 per car, depending on numbers taking part.

A weekend in early November: Tour D'Ecosse 2000. Need I say more ? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

2nd August 2000, 12:38
Where's the Rolling Road? I wasn't aware that there was one in Scotland. Thanks.


2nd August 2000, 15:15
There is one just recently opened in Glenrothes. They are an Audi/VW tuning firm, but have recently converted their RR to 4WD.


John Gorman
2nd August 2000, 21:37
I'll be up for the karting and the Borders Thrash2. The first was a riot.


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3rd August 2000, 07:05

forgot to include the event on the 17th September (a busy month for us!!).

Alford revisited (again!). Another invite from the Ford owners clubs to Alford, with a very similar format to the last time. Large display area for our cars, and lots and lots of track time on the small sprint track http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Minimal cost (ie under 10 for the day including track time!)

3rd August 2000, 17:53

please send me an e-mail to my work address wih details of how many people you wish to take to the karting event (it may just be yourself), and I'll tell you where to end the deposit cheque to.

10th August 2000, 09:54
John can you put me down for the knockhill meet. This will be my first event so an explanation of the etiquette and how to pay etc. e-mail or post here i check daily

10th August 2000, 10:12
Whats the thing at Alford. Where,What....more details if you could!
Bloody friends missed deadline for karting...bums!

10th August 2000, 13:27

event at Knockhill is just a provisional date at the moment. Not so much interest as I hoped, so we may not book it up unless lots of other people come forward in the next week or so http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

Martin - you can still take part in the karting as an individual, as they have several teams looking for one or two people to make up the numbers.

Alford - Every year the RS/XR owners clubs in the NE book Alford transport museum for a day. Most of the cars are there for static displays, and are judged in various concours cclasses. It has a big display area (enclosed grassy field), but also a small sprint track.

This years event was held in June, but they have booked it up again in September, and will also be in conjunction with the Capri owners club.

To make the event economical, they invite a number of other car clubs there on the day, to help offset the costs. Entry fee is about 3 - 4 each.

For the small sum of 5, you can book up to take your car on the track, for a number of laps (one at a time). They generally award prizes for the "best" track cars at the end of the day.

Starts at about 10am, and goes onto 5pm, and there are food vans there as well to keep the hunger pangs at bay. For the past few years it has been an excellent day out, with many different car clubs meeting up, chatting, exchanging views on cars etc.

14th August 2000, 20:28

please put me down for Knockhill 6th Oct if it's going ahead. thanks.


15th September 2000, 16:03
Just a reminder about Alford this weekend.

Fuel (including SUL) seems to be available in Aberdeen without much queuing involved.

Weather is looking good too.

Hope to see a few of you there http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif