View Full Version : Great roads in North Wales?

4th April 2000, 11:08
I'm forever reading about the great driving roads in N. Wales. What roads are amongst the best to try, for a tourist like me?

13th April 2000, 12:13
I don't think the internet has reached Wales yet! I haven't had a reply from any scooby owners in South wales.

13th April 2000, 12:23
A5 is quite fun for most of it's length.



13th April 2000, 15:46
sorry I don't agree with the A5, too busy normally. Now if you find Llanfyllin (NW of Welshpool) and take the mountain road to Bala and on to Trawsffynnydd...that's wonderful. Return via A5 or Dolgellau.
Dolgellau to Welshpool super but watch out for tractors, police et al and you can be a long way from a hospital!

13th April 2000, 20:24
A5 often has radar traps at the weekends(after the bikers) especially between Betws-y-coed and Corwen.All the other roads are very good.