View Full Version : Crail, St Andrews - 7th June, incite from TVR Owners Club

12th May 2000, 09:49
I've just had an invite from the TVR Owners Club in Scotland to share a track event with them at Crail on Wednesday 7th June. This will be a late afternoon/evening session (starting about 3pmish), and will basically give
us the free run of an airfield until the sun goes down!

Crail has a variety of runways, and a recent innovation is a specially marked out circuit, with hairpins, chicane etc, as well as a marked out mile strip as well.

They have quite a few owners who are a bit nervous about taking their cars out on the track, so numbers will be very limited (i.e. about 15 cars max,
with only two or three on the track at any time).

There are no armco barriers at Crail, just plenty of grassy run-off areas, though given the length of the grass, you probably wouldn't want to venture in too deep!

Again if you are interested, then please let me know and I'll let the TVR club know we'll be coming along. There may even be the chance to swap cars/get passenger laps if you are into that sort of thing http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

No idea on cost, but it will be cheap (probably 30 pounds or less).

13th May 2000, 15:13
Do you have to own a certain type of car or be in a club to put your name down for this event?