View Full Version : How good is the PE midsection with high flow catalyst???

31st July 2000, 22:17
any suggestions/comments?

1st August 2000, 07:31
Get a straight through pipe (ie Scorpion £69). You don't need the centre cat to pass emisions test unless you have a (cat-less) downpipe fitted.

1st August 2000, 09:50
I have a downpipe fitted. When fitting a Magnex mid-section there would be no
catalyst. I want a catalyst for the following reasons:
1. saves the environment, 90% less pollution
2. there are very high fines when caught by police (up to 400£ or more...)
3. a high flow catalyst has a very good flow, almost as if it wasn't there, but it is very


1st August 2000, 11:32

The PE cat pipe flows better than the standard subaru part, but not as well as a 3" section should. I had one of these fitted to my car and have currently swapped it for a magnex decat pipe some kind soul lent me ( hi! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif )... the magnex pipe is 2.5". I did some testing before and after the change and the performance hasn't changed by any real degree. I suspect there is more to come from the magnex if I tweak the map.

The PE pipe is made of 3" tubing, but the joins at both ends drop to 2.5" in order to retain compatibility with standard parts... I suspect this causes restriction. The cat in this pipe does seem to do a good job as far as emmissions go.


2nd August 2000, 00:46
I may be wrong but I believe if you are caught with a dodgy emission you are banned from most top restaurants http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

Seriously I was lead to believe if your car happens to be "having a bad hair day" and fails roadside emissions you have the oportunity of making sure it conforms to emissions law and then retesting.

I don't believe the fine is immediate, I may be wrong of course! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif

2nd August 2000, 08:17
Don't know about UK, but in Switzerland it is very strict! They catch you without catalyst, there is immediately a high fine and then you have to pass a MOT!
But I really don't want to drive without catalyst. It saves the environment and thats where we all live and the air we all breathe. Maybe not the right place to write this...

2nd August 2000, 13:43
Anti-lag... now that's wildlife friendly... well it scares any wildlife off the road ages before I get there, anyway! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

2nd August 2000, 18:40
hmm, if youre that worried about the enviroment then sell the cars and buy pushbikes or walk http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

3rd August 2000, 05:51
I just think that when its possible to make 90% less pollution with just 4-5bhp loosing, one should do it.
I'm not a green man, and will not sell my MY98, as I really LOVE it!
sorry guys, thats what i think...

=> now more about the mid-section!!!

3rd August 2000, 07:07
I completely agree with Ric. We got very strict laws here so getting caught without a cat is gonna be a quite unpleasant experience. You have to show the car at our MOT with the cat. If things go worse they take the modified stuff and you won't see it again. Would be quite a waste of money, time and nerves for just 3-5 hp more, wouldn't it?
It seems that the PE midsec would fulfill our requirements. But are there any other midsecs (with cat) to consider?

My car is already mapped with original downpipe without cat and modified intake.


3rd August 2000, 07:35

3rd August 2000, 17:35
Hi Ric

do you gonna order the PE midsec in the next few days?

Just spoke to my father. We'll see what we can do with your suspension.

See ya

(Gonna do the painting of my callipers tomorrow. Will also paint the orange indicators in the front wing black like the P1! Holidays, you see!!!)

D Noble
3rd August 2000, 20:10
a theoretical question to scoobymike and ric,
youve yust given yours cars a damn good thrashing down some mountain pass and you come to a set of traffic lights- do you:

a:switch engine off,risking damage to turbo

b:leave engine running,risking a nice fine for poluting the air



Mr Cookie
4th August 2000, 00:09
One thing about cats though is that weatherpersons are gonna have to start giving out eggometer readings for the day.

Seriously though if i remember correctly was there not some issue in uk about cats putting more poisoness gasses out.


5th August 2000, 09:21
I might be wrong but I thought the main by products of the catalytic converter are water vapour and sulphur ( nice eggy smell). I could be mistaked on this too, so correct me if I am, but when sulphur becomes disolved in water does in not form an acidic liquid (sulphuric acid ??)

I'm thinking of a similar sort of upgrade and wondered where I would see the biggest improvements, new down pipe or new midsection, either retaining one of the cats.


7th August 2000, 10:41
Hi Ric

Did you order this yet? What price (email me offline)?

What d/p have you got fitted?

Are the Swiss emissions tests more strict than UK ones, do you know (or Mike)? I've seen a few reports now of UK cars passing the check after a good run and only the centre CAT in place.

Guess a lot depends on whether you can "drive straight in" to an emissions check, or have to book and leave the car!