View Full Version : Re-installing front cat in de-catted system

8th May 2000, 21:28
I recently bought an STI5 which was been de-catted. I'm considering re-instating the cat for legal reasons and wondered what impact this will have on BHP, noise etc. Its a full Scoobysport system, and I love the noise currently output. I believe I only need to install the front cat, and not the centre cat but any advice on this would be gratefully received

Bob Rawle
9th May 2000, 07:31
The Sti's only had one cat in the downpipe. Putting it back in will restrict the breathing of the car and change the low end torque performance as well. It will make the car quieter.


9th May 2000, 17:24
I have a MRT downpipe (with a high-flow cat) which gets around this problem - www.mrtrally.com.au (http://www.mrtrally.com.au)

I believe(?) that Scoobymania import MRT items so they may be able to source one for you - www.scoobymania.co.uk (http://www.scoobymania.co.uk)

Graham Goode also do a cat downpipe but they have a reputation for being expensive - www.grahamgoode.com (http://www.grahamgoode.com)

Power Engineering produce a "super cat" for the centre section which is another option - www.powerengineering.co.uk (http://www.powerengineering.co.uk)