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12th August 2000, 15:57
Also posted on Scoobynet but worth a second mention.Hi
My car has been suffering from hesitation since I purchased it a few months ago. At about 2500-3000rpm the car would hesitate when the throttle was pressed and would then accelerate quite fast but not as fast as I would expect from an Impreza. If the car was held on the throttle at 3000 rpm you could feel the car slow down then speed up continually. At Abingdon the car was shown up by other Imprezaís getting 15 mph more than me on the straights. I took this to be the hesitation quite a few Impreza owners are talking about. The car came to me brand new with just a Magnex 6X4 oval backbox the rest of the car was standard (performance wise). I then purchased an ss downpipe but could not tell the difference between this and std. Thought the exhaust should be a little louder with the downpipe but it was not the hesitation seemed to be worse, Hesitating every time at 3000 now instead of every other time.
Today I purchased a new exhaust from Bob Rawle I took the exhaust to Bobís local tyre/exhaust garage and had it fitted. (mid section and backbox) When driving home from Malmsbury I noticed the hesitation was gone and the car felt more like my old one, much more eager to rev. Took the car to my local lanes and gave it a good blast, what a difference I had been driving a shopping trolley for a few months and got use to it, now I'm back in an Impreza.
Donít know if the problem lies with the cat or the Magnex backbox I was not looking to cure the hesitation with an exhaust I just wanted a better sound. But it is now gone and I am ready for another Exmoor blast.

13th August 2000, 21:15

Glad you're sorted.