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24th April 2001, 13:15
Well, since Scoobynet appears to have gone tits up this afternoon, I thought I'd ask this one here...

I was speaking briefly to my dealer / servicing manager at Lancaster Sevenoaks yesterday about their position on how much damage fitting a SSBB to a P1 would do to my warranty. Their answer - "not a lot".

But - the guy I was speaking to did say that he thought I ought to be a bit careful, since he seems to think that the mountings for back boxes varies between the 2 and 4 door cars...

Now the back box I'm getting used to sit on an RA (4 door) - anyone know if will go straight onto my P1 okay? Or is this chap talking complete rubbish ?

Ta in advance,


24th April 2001, 13:32
The mountings are no diffrent on the P1 to the 00MY 4/5 door.

Re warranty, I think you should write/phone IM and get them to confirm that they are happy with the rear box. Shouldn't be a problem.


24th April 2001, 13:35
I thought the warranty issue could be handled by the service manager at the garage?

You have a reputation for being pretty good about that sort of thing (assuming you're Shark, aka Dangerous Dave from Lavender Hill) as long as you keep the original back box, which could be replaced if there were problems further down the line ?

In fact, it occurs to me, you even know the doning RA - Scott Davies brutal monster, due back from major surgery on it's engine sometime in the next couple of weeks.... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

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Adam M
24th April 2001, 15:26
What brutal surgery has scott had done on his engine?

I keep forgetting everytime I talk to him that he has no car at the mo but forget to ask why?

Is he having internal mods done?

That would explain why he wants a motec to run the higher boost he can now get away with.

If so, cool.

24th April 2001, 15:42
There's a pretty long list which I don't recall most of - but what's being done at the moment is the fitting of a front mounted intercooler, WRC front end, and some fancy new titanium exhaust system, the make of which escapes me at the moment.

I thought it was mentally quick before he sent it off - but when I was talking to him at the weekend, he says it's going to be putting down about 350bhp when he gets it back, and he's only expecting the transmission to last about 5000 miles before he has to replace the clutch and gearbox.