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6th August 2000, 17:21

Does anyone else happen to have an FGK exhaust system on their car, or know anything about these systems (e.g. how free-flowing is their backbox)?

The FGK system I have on mine replaces the backbox and mid-section (it uses 3 parts to replace these). While the backbox sounds (and looks) very nice, the mid-section parts have a cat and a resonator, which naturally I want to get rid of (especially as I have a SS downpipe)... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif Because of the 3 parts FGK use, the midsection can't be replaced by anything like Scorpion or Magnex. I understand some other Japanese systems have a similar set-up to this.

Does anyone know of anywhere that does an off-the-shelf replacement midsection to mate to the FGK backbox or am I doomed to either having the cat cut out or getting a one-off midsection made?

Hope someone can help...


Bob Rawle
6th August 2000, 21:09
FGK does not have a cat, it looks like one but its not, I took mine off my car because the back box is very restrictive indeed and replaced it with an HKS. Have a look at http://www.fujitsubo.co.jp