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22nd May 2002, 08:50
can anyone help.....

Looks straight-forward (!!); Bumper off (bolts?), h`light out. Cut bumper bar to fit I/C. Cut bumper to fit over I/C......

Any websites / ownersites with some more info?


Adam M
22nd May 2002, 09:43
would love to help, but mine is being done for me.

To my knowledge, the major difficulty is cutting the bumper, Apparently you would not believe how much needs to be removed.

Danny Fisher
22nd May 2002, 09:54
James, the centre grill, all the front lights, then the bumper. Off in that order. Back in reverse.

As Adam said, you will be surprised by how much material you need to remove.


22nd May 2002, 10:01
I believe that SecretAgentMan might have mentioned doing this job himself sometime recently... so he may be able to give more constructive advice. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Oh, and Adam, is it just possible that your particular, um, "hybrid", HKS FMIC arrangement might need more cutting than a bog standard kit would? Would this have affected the advice you gave above? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif


22nd May 2002, 11:04
Thanks guys.

I found some pictures of an install and have compared to my car.....

I reckon about 4 inches of bumper has to be cut away. The black horizontal bars in front of the rad will have to go, as will the number plate bracket! Blimey!

Do you compromise the strength on the bumper by doing this?

PS anyone comment on how many bumper bolts need taking out, and where?


Adam M
22nd May 2002, 13:23

moray wtf are you talking about?

The only difference between my hks fmic and anyone elses is that the pipe from my turbo is routed differently, but this doesnt affect anything that isnt under the bonnet.

22nd May 2002, 13:28
I was indeed mistaken about Adam's HKS FMIC. Whoops.

23rd May 2002, 15:56
James: The bumper is relatively easy.2no. bolts(19mm from memory) on each chasis rail just inwards from the back of the headlight. Then about 6/7 little fasteners, disconnect the side light + indicators and lift off.
I have just fitted an APS so it may be different as I did not take the headlights out just the 2no. retaining bolts on each inboard edge. Did not remove the vertical stay bar either.
My kit had some cardboard templates which were a big help. Use a dremel and a power hacksaw and have spare discs/blades.
The amount removed was just over 3" at bottom and 2" at top and this did not interfere with the no.plate mount.
I had to take off both plastic inner wings and had the foresight to get a variety of plastic fasteners from my local dealer so re-assembly was sound. (yes Harvey we can supply these to you as we do not need a chasis no.)
Without the use of a four post lift the job would have been harder but was started at 08.30 and many cups of coffee later finished by 14.30 In many places it was a two man job.
I did not move my engine on the mounts to centralise clearance but may have to in the future.
Now I do know a man who has an APS FMIC for sale........
Hope this helps and most of it is applicable to HKS also.