View Full Version : Water feed to turbo??

9th March 2004, 18:25
2 Questions on this really! :confused:
First is: Is the top water pipe that comes from the turbo and goes to the top of the Coolant tank, a Feed or a Return?? (which way does the coolant flow?)

Also, I could do with replacing the original hose between these points, but don't know what type of hose to use because of the temps involved??
(Needs to curve round 90 degrees to avoid my Actuator!)

9th March 2004, 19:20
it's the return and it gets very hot, over 100 when engine is turned off after a blast due to hot water rising from the turbo. So general coolant pipe will work, I used some Aeroquip FC332 hose to do mine.

what year car?


9th March 2004, 19:28
Cheers Paul. The car is a MY00 but I have fitted a bigger Hybrid turbo from Turbo Dynamics, and for some reason, their Actuator sticks out a hell of alot, leaving no room for the original pipe with the 'S' bend in it!

Where can I get similar pipe to what you used?

10th March 2004, 08:23
Samco do flexible hose (has wire frame in it so you can bend it) various sizes.. see Demon Tweeks catalogue or talk to Rally Design..


10th March 2004, 09:58
get someone like pirtek to make up a hose..