View Full Version : K & N Replacement Element

23rd June 2000, 19:44
Ive just gone and replaced the crappy Paper Air Filter Element with a K& N, not choosing to go for the Induction Kit because of the noise.

My question is , an i doing any damage to the oxygen mixture on my STI 6 or as it supposedly runs rich anyway, am i just increasing the airflow for a bit better response?

Still worried about PINKING!!!

I KNOW!!!! Ile be getting a KNOCK LINK REAL SOON!!!!!


2nd July 2000, 10:55
I have had a K&N panel filter in my 99MY Scooby for almost a year with no problems.
Increased airflow is not a problem as the air flow meter will sense this and adjust fuelling accordingly. In isolation the K&N will provide minimal benefits but is almost a fit and forget thing.
If a garage services your car dont forget to tell them its there or they just might throw it away and replace it with a new paper one!!