View Full Version : 22b centre section exhaust

12th February 2002, 23:25
I assume the centre section on a standard 22b exhaust has no cat, so I was wondering if it would replace the centre section on my MY00. Anyone know if they are the same size and would it fit.

13th February 2002, 10:40

I would assume that the 22b's centre section is a standard sti 4 unit. This unit doesn't have a cat, but it is still very restrictive as the internal diameter is dropped to 2 inches or less by a baffle in the muffler... so I would suggest you try and get hold of a magnex centre section instead... these 2.5" units flow better than the power engineering t76 cat section. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

13th February 2002, 22:35
Thanks for the info I have a scoobysport backbox fitted so you think it would be better to fit a better centre section ie magnex/scoobysport, than the STi4 centre section over the standard centre section.

Adam M
13th February 2002, 23:51