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Andrew Carr
2nd March 2004, 09:54
I now have a set of shiny new gruppe-S headers and small bore flexible uppipe (Helix).

I currently have a H&S solid uppipe which is generously wrapped over its whole length. The wrap is doing a good job of keeping the heat in the uppipe as it is only warm to the touch even after a good thrashing when I have had the EGTs upto the high 800s.

My question is, should I wrap the whole length of the Helix pipe or only the solid sections? The s/s braiding over the flexible section is nearly half the length of the pipe and I would have though would conduct heat very well, which is not what I want.

What have other people done?


2nd March 2004, 12:06
I would wrap the solid bits seperateley.. then try wrapping the flexi bit seperate, I doubt it will work.. but I have had some wrap that doesnt set like glass.. which still flexed..


Tone Loc
2nd March 2004, 12:14
Brings a tear to my eye think of somebody else wrapping my old headers ;) :D . I was going to do as David said... good luck :D .


2nd March 2004, 12:39
The cool tec stuff on my down pipe is still flexible.. it moved and unravelled a little when I rubber a hacksaw against it when I had to cut a stripped nut off the turbo! :eek:


Andrew Carr
2nd March 2004, 13:02
Tony, Less of the old please - they're new - my car doesn't often get new stuff it's a real treat!

David, I like the seperate wrapping idea, thanks. One option might be to use some turbo blanket material around the flexible part?

Any input from anyone who has fitted one of these would be most gratefully accepted :D


2nd March 2004, 14:05
I have just wrapped the solid parts and left the flexible part un wrapped.

Andrew Carr
2nd March 2004, 14:35
Steven, have you noticed how much heat is dissipated from the flexible section?


2nd March 2004, 14:56
Never checked Andrew other than looking at the colour of it. Will have a look for you.

2nd March 2004, 19:35
Andrew, after driving home, 50 miles, including a final WOT bit, parked up in garage, turned engine off, when egt gauge was still read 400 and touched the various parts of headers.

Called the finger hold measurement ;)

Little finger on colletor for 2 seconds
Next finger on up pipe pre flex 4 seconds
middle finger on flex part 3 - 4 seconds
next finger duly burnt as i caught the flange for the turbo

bit crude, but in my book that says it makes no difference, as i think the braided part of the flex acts like an heatshield for that part.



2nd March 2004, 20:42
You'll probably find that the braided section looses heat quicker as it essentially has a greater surface area and the individual threads will radiate heat quicker. I'd go for wrap on the lower and upper sections and a section of turbo blanket on the braid.


2nd March 2004, 23:19
The braided section is more than likely just a cover for a slip joint and is unlikely to get quite as hot as the abre exhaust pipe might

Andrew Carr
3rd March 2004, 11:56
Steven, If you could chop your hand off and post it too me I can repeat the test on my fully wrapped solid uppipe and we will have comparible results.

Shouldn't need it for more than a couple of days.

Tim, the helix pipe is not a single slip joint like the ones you get on headers, it's a multi-part convoluted type thing.

Started wrapping the b*st*rd headers last night, what a ballache! Took me 2 hours to do the tricky side!


3rd March 2004, 12:04
Andrew, sorry no can do, only way i could describe it.

The flex section is like a coil spring version of a solid pipe (best i can describe), with the over braid on top.

I still say it acts as an heat shield.

It may be worth while wrapping the up and lower sections 1st, and then wrap the flex section on its own, thats how i did the expansion joint on the cross pipes.

I was going to do this, but by the time i remembered, the up pipe was on the car.

Took me about 2 hours to wrap the whole system!


Andrew Carr
3rd March 2004, 13:31

I do believe you!

Not sure which uppipe I'm going with yet, might keep the solid one.

I wrapped the 2 pipes from the drivers side exhaust flange to the collector three times before I was happy with them.

I wasn't going to wrap over the slip joints on the headers.