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callum ferguson
17th February 2004, 21:24
Can anyone who has fitted manifold spacers help please?

While fitting Tufnol spacers are standard gaskets used above and below the spacer? I assume the spacer is not flexible enough to work as a gasket but I could easily be wrong.

callum smile.gif

17th February 2004, 23:48
yes, two gaskets..

18th February 2004, 03:25
So that'll be 4 gaskets then ;)

callum ferguson
18th February 2004, 07:24
Thanks to both of you smile.gif :D

I've been looking into getting some gaskets cut for various joints. MK Gaskets in Leicester have been very helpful but need some parts to provide costs.

70mm TB could do with a gasket to match up to the the adapter plate & then to the manifold.

With no grinding/polishing the OEM gaskets already overlap the top face of the injector housings by around 1mm / side. The manifold overlaps the injector housings by up to 1.5mm per side. At least the overlap is in the "right" direction but it would still seem like it could be ported to match the injector housings once the heads are in place.

The material they suggest using is 1.5mm thick, flexible & good for up to 350*C which I assume is more than enough?

The turbo outlet to APS cast housing is another matter :rolleyes: They reckon they can do stainless laminates but obviously with more difficulty.

Thanks again,

RSVR Racer
18th February 2004, 15:21
Consider before you insulate the manifold from the block where all that heat will go? Do the gains of a cooler manifold outweigh the gains of a cooler area around the combustion chamber ;)


18th February 2004, 15:38
cooling system will cope with the extra heat, doubt it will be much.

wallis, can you still supply gaskets for phase 1 manifolds?

if so,how long do they take and how much?

19th February 2004, 08:54
Complete turn around in opinion there Adam..



19th February 2004, 09:19
andy f's fault yes, but well spotted.

He has a habit of convincing me he is right and I am wrong. But I think it is probably right of him to do that.

19th February 2004, 11:07
Im still working on others but yes I can supply.. Im really stressed and busy at the moment..

I owe three sets out first before I commit to anymore.. phase 1 or phase 2 are possible as are 1 off bespokes..