View Full Version : K&N Induction noise

Ian Waller
25th November 2000, 16:31
Just fitted a K&N 57i to my STi II. . . .

Not too sure about the noise, the standard dump value can now be heard and it sounds like a whale's blow hole! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif I know that people have stated about the dump valve being heard after fitting an induction kit, but I always thought it would be the high pitched (pisht) noise like the atmospheric ones.

Is this normal? Is this particular to K&N or do all induction kits make this noise?


27th November 2000, 15:52

I have the GGR full K&N kit (happy), and I got a more pronounced 'whoosh' dump than before. You don't get the 'wibble' sound that rally cars have, so don't try for it! I have a Blitz vent to air valve and it makes a metallic 'PSSSHHT' sound like cruching very fast gears. Scares the crap out of pedestrians!