View Full Version : Heatshields - don't you just luv em...

4th November 2001, 11:18
No I don't actually, one of them has been rattling like a very rattly thing for the last year,it's difficult to diagnose just which one was causing all the din.

It turns out to be the heatshield just below the turbo. Price 200 quid + 4 hours labour.... which doesn't seem sensible use of limited funds, has anyone actually removed this particular shield and not replaced it ?, briefly I thought about bandaging that section of the pipe (after removing the shield), although that might allow heat build under and into the turbo ?.

Or do I just have spend the money ?


Bob Rawle
4th November 2001, 19:15
It can be removed and welded up if crackeed, its pretty common. Not thateasy but is do-able if you don't mind getting under the car.

You could give Steve Lawson a ring (Surrey Performance) and talk to him about fixing it, he will be alot quicker than 4 hours !!!

Mike Tuckwood
6th November 2001, 23:17
Yep, I had this on my 93MY WRX. Took it to a local garage and the Tig welded it.... cost me a fiver, took 5 minutes.