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14th August 2000, 17:31
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Have read on several occations that the MY00 don't use MAF, but MAP...is this correct....no wire/film MAF-sensor?

Then what's that on the intake just after the filter?

Questions questions...

I'd like to get an induction kit on the little scoob (sad - but I'm weak to cool sounds), which happens to be a Swedish MY00 GT.

But I'm cautious since there seems to be more than a few sad stories with MAF's and cone filters involved.


/Jerry - Sweden

Bob Rawle
14th August 2000, 22:21
Hi, its the maf, if you want to find out wether it uses it start your engine with it unplugged. It will run but you should get a check engine light and it will stay in limp home mode.
BTW it does use it, why else is it there ?


15th August 2000, 08:06
Thanks Bob, I suspected that was the case.


What about that heat issue when using cones, are there any facts in that matter?


/Jerry - Sweden


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The Artful Bodger
15th August 2000, 08:31
Lot's of us have Induction kits with the 99/00 type hot film MAF.

There has been a high failure rate, attributable to

HKS Induction kits...

Oiled induction kits...

Blitz induction kits...

driving the car at all...

...in reality, no particular cause.

However the various causes change from month to month. The commonly held view now is that if you fit an induction kit, make sure that it is secured well (typically TWO struts) to ensure that the hot file does not suffer too much vibration.

This approach has lead to typically safe running of the MAF with an induction kit of any type.

I have ran an HKS Induction kit for around 14,000 miles now and my MAF was fine. I don't use the MAF at all now http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

15th August 2000, 23:50
What do you mean ?

Have you unplugged the MAF sensor?

Muddy. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

16th August 2000, 09:00

Not running original ECU.


16th August 2000, 12:03
It is possible to fit an induction kit to an MY99 / 00 car, but as mentioned be careful with the mountings as the new style MAF is rather delicate. If you are using an after-market ECU which doesn't require the MAF then take it out, keep it safe :)

A word of caution... there have been reports of power loss due to induction kits on MY99 / 00 cars, so make sure you get a money back guarantee; the last thing you want is to buy the product and find you've lost power.

With respect to heat, don't worry about it. When the car is moving, the intake temp should be no more than about 5 degrees higher than ambient. With it stationary there will be some heat soak, yes, but it will cool down quite quickly when you start moving again.



16th August 2000, 14:53
I understand now!!!!!!! Duuuh!!

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P.S- If the MAF sensor happened to knacker up due to using an induction kit, How much is a replacement or can they be repaired?

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