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Adam M
12th February 2003, 19:30
just wanted to show you an intake pipe as made by darren.

this is a cold air pipe which bolts to the standard maf on the 98 and relocates it to the inner wing a la the aps design.

I thought cf pipework was a nightmare but apparently it can be done very effectively.

There appears to be much interest in the intake pipe (ie bolting onto the turbo) which doesnt interest me personally but if others want to come up with designs darren is very keen to get a product on the market.


12th February 2003, 20:38

You can even see the original logo!

Looks like it's been done in a split female tool with internal bag.

What's the finish like inside?

Good internal finish general means male tool, which is difficult to remove.

With some flexible pipe at each end, a very smart alternative to all silicon or metal silicone.

Pre-turbo piping would be fine in 2 halves bonded together, as no pressure. Would be okay for high pressure pipes too, just the join become more critical.


13th February 2003, 08:36
See what you mean Paul

15th February 2003, 10:27

Just to add , the tubes are made with a female split ie in two halfs, then when the two halfs are joined the excess carbonis lipped over the opposite half to make the join , after which another 2" wide layer of carbon is over layer along the seem to consolidate the join, and the whole thing cured as described above with an internal bag which passes through the tube and around the whole of the outside and is the vacuumed down to ensure consolidation to the mould face.
After removal from the clave , simply unbolt and you you have one tube which is ver rigid and durable , no movment under pressure at all, and ultrea light , a decieving and cool looking addidtion to the
engine bay we think.

Hope this hepled to explain the process


Ps if adam would be so kind to post up there is a pic of the tube after bagging i have sent him for you to veiw. http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

15th February 2003, 10:42

I like very much.

What sort of buck do you require to make a tool from? Do you clave the tooling or just bag it? What I'm getting at is if you can live with just bagged tooling, it can be made from a wooden/HD foam buck, or even plastic tube.

This being the case if I were to make up a kit of pipes for a specific application, you could make the tools are parts from it.

Bagged internal surface isn't the best, but it's not bad.

Do you use a debulk sheet under the bag? Just curious.

Any idea of the cost of such a pipe?



Bob Rawle
15th February 2003, 19:23
If its a copy of the APS then its also going to to have the same maf upset type problems I think ?


15th February 2003, 19:46

We do use an autoclave for curing mate, but we can mould from any type of buck supplied, foam is not ideal though !

The tubes do have a debaulk sheet inside, the internal surface is not too bad ! external finish is spot on, we would like to do our own induction and air box system , just time is not on our side at the present time for development, should someone want to develop bucks im sure something can be arranged !

If you wish to make up such an application please mail me so we can discuss further.

As for cost , the pipe you see above is 95.00 inc VAT, hopes this gives you some idea of cost etc.


16th February 2003, 13:47

For tooling, I would look at using a lower temp resin and do a post cure. Worked for some stuff I have done in the past, where we couldn't really autoclave to the tool.

Advanced Composites in Derby do a large range of pre-pregs that will cure as low as 30'C (freezer storage though).

If I was making a prototype pipe, it's not easy to make (for instance) a solid mahogany part. A high density foam is better. The foam stuff I have in mind is stable up to 100bar at atmospheric pressure.

I will mail you with specfic details when I have something drawn up though.


16th February 2003, 19:50
ok Paul , sounds good to us