View Full Version : Runing slicks on a 22B

16th April 2000, 18:35
Any advice?
Makes of tyre, change wheel size (I have Brembos)


16th April 2000, 20:27
Don't do it!! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Try the Yokohama cut slicks that the 340R Elise uses. They will do them in 16 or 17" but as you have the small discs recommend you use 16" on the track.

Slicks generate an enormous amount of grip that the car was not designed for and can lead to great stresses on the chassis. First to go a lot of the time are the wheel bearings.

Due to the wider track on the 22B I am not sure of the amount of common parts but you know how difficult it is to get 22B parts.



21st April 2000, 14:18
Anders, We (crazy Aussies) have been playing on the track a few times with the 22b on slicks, whilst the custom 18" rims are being made we have just used the OEM (WRX 16")wheels with Pirreli D4 slicks, from previous experience the wheel bearings will wear out but they are cheap and there appear to be no other problems apart from the Porsche and BMW owners getting upset as they get blown away http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif We will be running a 18x8.5" rim and 245/40 tyre as used on RSCS Porsche fronts, Pirelli tyres of course. The wheels we are getting are 3 piece billet alloy centers, very nice and light.