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5th April 2002, 14:05
just been reading through the down pipe threads, but still confused to which will suits me best.

I have a MY00 Turbo 2000, totally standard. my first mod will be the down pipe then the mid and rear sections and then maybe an induction kit, so will only be pushing about 260bhp when finished.

not that bothered about top end gains cos dont often drive about 4500rpm.

noise is not an issue (LOUDER the better http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif)

dont mind loosing the cats too.

my first thoughts were a ScoobyMania 3" dp, and HKS mid and back. but what ive been reading the 3" will be too big for my particular setup i.e (only 260bhp)

any advice much appricieted, peccy.

Adam M
5th April 2002, 14:14
I think the good old scoobysport will suit you down to the ground. It is tried and tested and works well.

If you want to be different, go for something like the PE T75 downpipe, it is twin dump and 3 inches, but mates to a normal 2.5 inch system like any other downpipe.

I think Moray mackenzie is selling his second hand, and since they are by far the most expenisve pipe new, you could save a fair amount by buying his!

5th April 2002, 14:35

yep, the SS and PE are the two i was thinking about, or the ScoobyMania too?

hard to choose, it may be the sound differences that makes my mind up in the end, i take it the twin dump designs sound better (louder), hear turbo more?

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6th April 2002, 21:05
I have a 3" D/P & exhaust system from Revolution. It made a fast car even faster with power coming in 300rpm lower. From memory it was 509 fitted all in. Only slight disappointment was it was a bit louder than I wanted.
Also noticed that boost pressure was up by up to 3psi in cnjunction with a pannel filter.
I also have a second hand Revolution D/P which is modified for sale.

Danny Fisher
7th April 2002, 07:35
Harvey, how is it modified?


7th April 2002, 09:22
Hi Danny,
I have gas flowed the neck & taken off all the 90 degree surfaces.(On the pipe for sale)
On the pipe now fitted in addition I have also ceramic coated + fitted a take off valve allowing me to measure back pressure with each different exhaust I try.( @ say 6500rpm in 4th on my own personal test track)
Current exhaust has brought response in 100rpm lower again & boost is apperently held better.
Without trying(as I am still running in)my SPA is consistently recording boost 1psi more than previous.
Ring me if you want.

10th April 2002, 16:48
I recently fitted my home sewn 'cat less' 3" together with K/N 57i kit. I got impressive gains both in torque and power, i matched my friends -84 911 Turbo (320hp) on the street. Now i'm thinking of mapping up the car.
This is what my downpipe looks like: http://snake.fatalunity.com/avgasbygge/ferdigt_framror_m_lambda.JPG
another view: http://snake.fatalunity.com/avgasbygge/collector.JPG

Since the WG on the std Turbo opens Towards the main exhaust stream i found this to be the best solution, i could not realize how a separate pipe would do the job better the way the std WG works anyway.
Any thoughts?


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