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29th March 2001, 17:27
Well, you might want to consider refitting that ugly thing. I know I certainly will.

Don't ask how & why, but we noticed that in heavy rain / spray the MAF sensor can get pretty confused ...

We were doing some on-road mapping in Germany, and suddenly saw the mixture go incredibly lean at 6.400 rpm (about 2 CO instead of the 9 we were aiming for ! ) when we were driving past a truck. The water just washed the panel filter's oil onto the sensor, causing it to read crap values. This was confirmed with a select monitor and a LambdaLink.

Believe me or not, at least you have been warned.


29th March 2001, 18:02
Did the oil/water damage the MAF? Did you have dry out the airbox and filter?

Have you sealed the arch liner? and do you have a cold air intake pipe or similar?

I removed mine about a year ago and it seems to be fine but I have been worried that water could enter the engine during a storm.

Maybe you should try an Induction kit and test the results etc, it would be interesting to see what happens?


29th March 2001, 18:13
Rob, the MAF was not damaged. Cleaned it, dried it (and the rest of the intake system), all was OK after that.

No sealing was done. No intake pipe present.

I have thought about an induction kit, but it would (in my eyes) have to be isolated from the rest of the engine bay with a heat shield (custom made). And protected from excessive water spray...

I'm still not sure what the best intake would be, jury still out on that one, but I just wanted to warn that in (extreme ?) conditions, this "cheap" mod could get pretty expensive http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/frown.gif

The resonator box may be restrictive (is it really BTW ?), but it does a good job at catching water.

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