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7th November 2002, 00:14
Can anyone tell me which of the VF series roller bearing turbos would have similar boost characteristics, ie spool RPM and top end flow as my RHB52 VF8, before it exploded (it doesn't flow to good now).

Has anyone else had problems with turbo shafts breaking in two?

7th November 2002, 12:48
The VF24/28/29 are all nigh on identical.

The new VF34 is used on the new C spec' car, and the rally guys love the way it spools up. I think it will be a "little" laggier than the VF28, but will flow more.

As for breaking a shaft, well, I've never seen it, and that includes VF hybrids running 1.8bar !!!


7th November 2002, 17:24
I have read articles that say that the VF 22's are fragile, but have no experience with them myself.

7th November 2002, 18:02

IIRC it's only the compressor wheel on the VF22 that's a problem, the rest of it is fine. My MD304 is based on one!

7th November 2002, 21:47
Thanks for the info.