View Full Version : Too Lean for Induction Kit

Mark Pitchford
29th November 2001, 10:28
Sorry for the X-Post...


I have a MY94 WRX wagon with full decatted Magnex exhaust. I have been thinking of replacing my K&N panel filter with an induction kit but would like some advice first.

If I fitted an Induction Kit do you think the car would be running too lean to be safe?

I had my car MOT'd recently and I think I had a value of 7% CO can you tell from this how lean it is running?

Is there any other way of telling whether I'd be safe fitting an induction kit?


4th December 2001, 11:54
Hi Mark,

When installing an induction kit, the car changes in performance a little ( not noticable ) but you will see change in the sound of the car.

What ever you do, Do buy one that filters good (with foam elements) because it will ruin the Airflow Sensor .


Adam M
13th December 2001, 13:05
on an older car you wont have the less reliable hot wire maf sensor so you should eb alright.

If it is running leaner then it is doing something. Most people buy the filter to improve breathing, but improved breathing will cause it to run lean. If you combine this with exhaust mods it may be possible to run too lean. If you are worried buy a knock and lambda link from brd or scoobymania this will enable you to keep an eye on things.

You need to choose if you want performance at the expense of your safety envelope.

Other option is to get a bob rawle developments link fitted. this will enable you to increase power, but run any degree of safety that you like, just ask bob to tailor it into the map.