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18th May 2002, 15:17
This is the hose which replaces the standard inlet tract and runs under the drivers side inlet manifold to the turbo.
Has anyone with first hand experience of these had any issues?
(Its also claimed to add x bhp)

21st May 2002, 10:14
I have had 3 of these, first one was too short so didn't fit, second same prob, third fitted but collapsed under high boost/rpm.
The alu pipes that are also glued into the main pipe tend to become 'unstuck' over temperature and time!
These hoses are a very good way to loose a hell of a lot of money !!

Jacko (not only my experience, speak to TOPCAT aka Moe)

Adam M
21st May 2002, 10:19
wow, that is interesting.

had no idea.

had been planning on one of these some time back, but it wont fit anymore.

21st May 2002, 11:05
Just thought that I had better add, that I am now running a brand new OEM turbo inlet pipe. Bob Rawle was/is running a OEM one on his STi if memory serves, so therefore should be good up to at least 340ish bhp !
To be fair to Samco, I should also point out that the Samco pipe did not collapse when I ran it again with an induction kit (GGR). This would indicate that the OEM filter/box arrangement was to a certain extent throttling my VF23.
I however, do not like dumping/whooshing noises and low quality prepared products.
If you want an Turbo inlet hose, go for an MRT/BPM one. I believe these to be far superior.


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22nd May 2002, 23:47
Thanks Jacko. Anybody else?

Andy Tang
23rd May 2002, 15:22
I used the MRT one on a MY99 UK car.

According to Steve Lawson it's reinforced to stop the pipe from collapsing (although I didn't check)

The pipe was about 2-3mm too short on the turbo end, although there ample for the jubilee clip to secure against.

Also a metal bung was made up by Steve to fit in one of the holes not required in the hose.

More info here (scroll down and click 'page 2' button): http://www.mrtrally.com.au/shop/search_result.asp?CATEGORY=Engine&MANUFACTURER=ALL&DESCRIPTION=&PRODUCT_ID=

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