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12th August 2000, 07:16
A 'friend' of mine wants to fit a better sounding 'sports' exhaust to his Elise - however when we were having this conversation there was a car 'expert' there who said that this was a 'bad thing'.

Can anyone advise with Elise experience as to whether this can be a 'good thing' (tm Pat). Also any Elise guys out there make a recommendation?


PS The expert (muppet) adequately displayed his credentials as we almost had a bundle over as he was adamant that SUL has now gone from 97 to 98 RON. He knew this for two reasons - firstly the sticker on the pump said so - and secondly 'cos he has a Japanese car too and it is much smoother and has stopped pinking. Sad git http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

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12th August 2000, 07:38

Might be of use, but last time I was down at Powerstation they had just received the official Lotus catalogue of tuning bits. I had a quick flick through, not being very interested, but they did have exhaust systems including headers. Might be worth a chat. The various "Phase" kits did have power graphs etc.



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12th August 2000, 08:44

12th August 2000, 12:13
Thanks guys!

Will pass this on